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Sound & Noise Meter Calibration Services - from £55

3-day-or-less turnaround for calibration of all types of sound meter

Fast calibration services available on both type 1 and type 2 sound meters either on-site or in our calibration laboratory

Sound Level Meter Calibration are able to calibrate all makes and models of sound meters and noise meters accurately, quickly and for great low prices.

Regular calibration of your sound equipment ensures that all testing results are as accurate as possible, and our professional calibration laboratory technicians are able to match your sound meter against a known standard in order to ensure that the device is working within acceptable sound level parameters.

Capabilities for Sound/Electroacoustics

Our calibration laboratory is capable of carrying out calibration of both sound level meters and calibrators of both Class I and Class II variations.

All sounds calibrations are carried out to the Specifications Standard of BS EN 61672-2: 2014 Electroacoustics, Sound Level Meters.

The following table outlines our laboratories’ capabilities. If your item is not listed, please call us as we will still be able to help.

Instrument Type Price 3 Day or Free
Sound Meter (Type 1) Please Call No
Sound Meter (Type 2) £55.00 ex VAT Yes
Acoustic Calibrators (Type 1) Please Call No
Acoustic Calibrators (Type 2) Please Call No

We are able to calibrate both type 1 and type 2 sound meters as well as personal noise dosimeters and type 1/type 2 acoustic calibrators. Prices start from £55 and the majority of sound level meters are eligible for our 3-day-or-free price promise.

For more information on our sound calibration services, either give us a call or fill in the calibration form to your right and we’ll be in touch as quick as we can.

Sound Level Meters – Operation and Calibration

Sound Level Meters (or Sound Meters) are the instruments that measure sound pressure levels. Sound Pressure Level (or Sound Level) is a logarithmic measure of the effective sound pressure of a sound relative to a reference value. It is measured in decibels (dB) above a standard reference level. The standard reference sound pressure in air is 20 μPa, which is usually considered the threshold of human hearing (at 1 kHz). Sound Pressure Level (Lp) is calculated according to the following formula:


pref is the reference sound pressure, and

prms is the rms sound pressure being measured.

Sound level meters are commonly used for measuring several kinds of noise, especially for industrial, environmental and aircraft applications.

According to IEC 61672-1 “Electroacoustics – Sound level meters, Part1: Specifications”, there are three kinds of sound level meters:

  1. The conventional sound level meter that measures exponential time-weighted sound level.
  2. The integrating – averaging sound level meter that measures time-average sound level.
  3. The integrating sound level meter that measures sound exposure level.

A sound level meter can perform any one, or all, of the above three kinds of measurements. Frequency weighting A is mandatory for all sound meters, since its use is required in all countries in order to protect workers against noise-induced deafness.  A frequency weighting A is also mandatory in all civil aircraft noise measurements.

Further information regarding sound level meter calibration


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