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pH & Water Quality Calibration

Keep Your pH meter accurate

Ensure that your pH meters and conductivity meters are reliable with frequent calibration to ensure that it continues to work within the manufacturer's standards.

Most makes & models

pH meters and testers vary in pH range. Calibrate with PASS to reduce drift and to compensate for any changing characteristics that may occur.

pH Meter Calibration

pH & Water Meters Price List

Instrument Type Price
(Ex VAT)

3 Day Turn Around
Conductivity Simulators POA Call
pH Meters POA Call
Why choose PASS?

PASS is able to calibrate many makes and models of conductivity simulators and pH meters. Our laboratory technicians can correct measurement drifts and ensure that all test instruments are performing correctly and conform to all manufacturer standards.

A calibration service can also help to monitor the condition of your test equipment. For faulty or damaged equipment we offer a repair service. With your permission we can repair your equipment, this will be followed by a calibration, allowing you to continue to use your equipment for another year.

On-site calibrations are also available for those with larger calibration needs. Simply fill in the contact form on this page and we will contact you with further details.

Types of pH & Water Quality Equipment

We offer calibration on the following water quality instruments, conductivity equipment and pH meters:

Water Quality Meters
  • Water Quality Meter
  • Water Quality Tester
  • Water Test Meter
  • Multiparameter
  • Water Monitor
  • Water Testing Meter
Conductivity Instruments
  • Conductivity Simulator
  • Conductivity Meter
  • Conductivity Tester
  • Electrical Conductivity Meter
  • EC Meter
  • Resistivity Meter
  • TDS Meter
  • Digital Conductivity Meter
  • Benchtop Conductivity Meter
  • Conductometer
pH Meters
  • pH Meter
  • pH Tester
  • Dissolved Oxygen Meter
  • Waterproof pH Meter
  • Digital pH Meter
  • pH Bench Meter
  • Portable pH Meter
  • pH Electrode
  • pH Sensor
  • Soil pH Meter
  • Soil pH Tester
  • ORP Meter
  • ORP Analyser
  • ORP Monitor
  • ORP Sensor
  • pH Probes
  • pH Probe
  • pH Pen

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