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Dew Point Calibration

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We calibrate dew point and relative humidity sensors using our high-precision chilled mirror reference.

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We calibrate dew point sensors, transmitters, meters, probes and data loggers, moisture meters and hygrometers.

Dew Point Calibration

About Dew Point Calibration

Using our high-precision chilled mirror reference we are able to calibrate dew point and relative humidity sensors.

Our measurement range is -95°C to +95°C frost / dew point with an accuracy of ≥ ±0.1°C.

Temperature measurement is -50°C to +100°C.

Servicing customers’ equipment from industries and applications such as pharmaceutical, compressed air systems, power generation, and offshore oil and gas, we are able to provide a fast and efficient service for the calibration of any of the types of dew point measurement instruments listed below.

Please note that dew point calibration generally takes between 3-5 days to complete from the instrument’s arrival at the laboratory.

Types of Dew Point Equipment

We can calibrate a wide range of dew point equipment:

  • Dew Point Standalone Sensors
  • Dew Point Transmitters
  • Dew Point Meters and Probes
  • Dew Point Data Loggers
  • Hygrometers
  • Moisture Meters
Manufacturers & Models
  • Alpha Moisture Systems – P35, SADP mini
  • Anachem Predicta, PDM1000
  • Brownell Ltd – Series 1400
  • Delta Instruments DT20
  • Dilo SF6 – Dewpoint Meter
  • Edgetech 1500
  • MBW – DP19-ATD, DP19-ABB
  • MCM Dewluxe and Microview
  • Michell Easidew, ES10, Cermax, MD-10SB and MDM300
  • Panametrics M2LR
  • Shaw – SADP
  • Vaisala DMP74
  • Xentaur XPDM

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