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3 Day Turnaround

We offer a 3 day turnaround, as standard, on many instruments.*
*Terms & Conditions Apply.

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If you have over 20 items we can collect your items for free.**
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UK Calibration Services for Great Prices

Instrument, tool and meter calibration is extremely important. It ensures that your tester is generating correct, safe and accurate results that are within your instrument’s specifications. That’s exactly why our calibration services are of the highest standard. We strive to make sure that every calibration is carried out to defined standards and is done quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Working from our on-site calibration lab, our team of experienced technicians are able to perform a comprehensive calibration service on your instrument. Using a range of high accuracy testing tools, our team will match your device or tool to set standards, adjusting any discrepancies to reflect your tester’s measurement specifications.

Many of the testers we carry out calibrations upon are eligible for our three-day or free price promise. We know being without your tester affects your overall productivity, so we pride ourselves on our fast turn-around time. If we haven’t shipped your tester back to you within three days*, the calibration service is completely on us.

Onsite Calibration

Our calibration service also extends outside the calibration lab. If you have a large amount of equipment that simply isn’t feasible to send to us, we’re able to come out to you to perform onsite calibration services. This will involve one or more (depending on the nature of the job) of our expert technicians travelling to your premises to carry out calibration procedures on your equipment. We are able to provide onsite calibration UK-wide, so please don’t hesitate to ask about our pricing for onsite jobs.

UKAS Calibration Service

Where necessary, we are able to provide UKAS certified calibrations across the UK. Please contact us for more information regarding our UKAS service. All UKAS calibrations are carried out in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Calibration Services

Electrical Calibration Services

Our calibration lab is suitable for carrying out procedures on a wide variety of different types of electrical testing equipment.

We can perform calibration procedures on the following electrical tools and test equipment: digital multimeters, LCR meters, 17th edition test equipment, clamp meters, microwave leakage detectors, decade/time resistance boxes, process meters, mA/loop calibrators, PAT testers, PAT calibration checkboxes, bench multimeters, 5kv insulation testers, milliohm meters, ground/earth testers, multifunction testers, calibration checkboxes, light meters, sound level meters, oscilloscopes, CAT scanners and gennys, voltage detectors, socket testers, volt sticks, proving units, cable locators, single-range acoustic calibrators, power analysers and scopemeters.

Gas Equipment Calibration

Making sure gas testers are generating accurate readings is not only important for making sure you’re getting the right test results, but it’s also extremely important for ensuring that gas installations and equipment are safe for humans to be around on a daily basis.

An incorrectly calibrated gas tester can throw up highly inaccurate readings; this may mean that gas leaks go undetected, composite gases within flue gas may be at harmful levels, or various other unidentified problems could be present.

We calibrate a range of gas equipment to recommended standards, helping to make sure that your equipment is as accurate as possible. We are able to calibrate gas detectors, quad gas equipment, single gas equipment, refrigerant leak meters and flue gas analysers.

Temperature & Thermometer Calibration

Thermometers and other types of temperature test equipment are susceptible to drift, as is a majority of test and measurement equipment. If left unchecked, the results garnered by the tester will be inaccurate.

By carrying out a scheduled calibration on your equipment, we’re able to help ensure that this does not happen. Whether you have a digital thermometer, infrared (IR) thermometer, glass thermometer, thermal camera, dry block calibrator, or a temperature chart recorder/data logger, PASS Ltd can perform a full temperature calibration service on your equipment.

Pressure Equipment Calibration

By using highly accurate testing devices and equipment, our calibration technicians are able to perform calculations of pressure to ensure that various types of pressure measurement devices are outputting the correct readings.

We are able to carry out pressure calibrations on vacuum gauges, chart recorders/data loggers, digital pressure gauges, digital manometers, relief valves, pressure gauges from 0 to 40000psi, force gauges up to 1000N, drucks (digital pressure indicators) and barometers.

Flow/Torque/Weight Equipment Calibration

Calibration of flow equipment ensures that the instrument’s accuracy is maintained. We are able to calibrate flow equipment in our UKAS accredited lab.

PASS Ltd is also able to perform calibrations on torque equipment such as torque wrenches (up to 1000Nm) and torque screwdrivers.  In addition to this, we can calibrate weighing scales (up to 250kg) and gym weights (up to 30 kilos).

Specialist Tools & Equipment

Specialist tools, which are used intermittently, often lose their accuracy as a result of irregular calibration. If calibration is not carried out at pre-set intervals, measurement drift can have an adverse effect on the measurement capabilities of tools and equipment.

We are able to carry out calibration services on internal micrometre sets (1-2”), micrometres (external fixed 6”), vernier callipers (to 6”), steel rules (to 1m), measuring tapes (to 3m) and theodolites.

Instrument Calibration

A number of testing instruments cannot be easily sorted into the above categories, however, we are able to carry out calibrations on a majority of these instruments, please call for further details.

Certified Test & Repair Centre is also a test equipment repair centre. If during the calibration our technicians discover any faults with your test equipment, we will inform you of these issues and will only proceed with the repair(s) once we have received your written permission.

If you know that your tester is faulty and you wish for it be repaired that’s also perfectly fine; simply send it to us using one of our easy shipping methods and we’ll correct your tester as quickly as possible.

Take Advantage of Our Calibration Services

So how do you send off your equipment or request an on-site calibration? We’ve made life as simple as possible; simply fill in one of our online forms and we’ll be in touch with more information as quickly as we can.

You can also choose between several delivery options (most deliveries are carried out via UPS).