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ABB Calibration

ABB Calibration List

Our team is on hand to help advise on the calibration of the below ABB instruments. Get in touch for more information:

ABB Instruments
ABB Test Leads
ABB Temperature Transmitter
ABB Flowmeter, Variable Area
ABB Analogue Controller Board
0-6 bar Differential Pressure Gauge
0-60 bar Differential Pressure Gauge
10A4555SXBHCHB Variable Area Flowmeter
10A6141TSS-18 Flowmeter, Variable Area
10A6141VA2E4X0 Flowmeter, Variable Area
10A6141VSS-14 Flowmeter, Variable Area
10A6144DA3K4X00 Variable Area Flowmeter
1953S Temperature Recorder
2015615-001 Stream Selector Module
25 RV Flowmeter
2600T Pressure Transmitter
261GS Pressure Transmitter
266CSH Multivariable Transmitter
266DSHE Differential Pressure Transmitter
266DSHF Differential Pressure Transmitter
267CS Multivariable Transmitter
364GS Pressure Transmitter
600T Pressure Transmitter
691HT Hart Communicator
AM54 Flowmeter, Variable Area
AM72 Ammeter
C700 Flowmeter, Positive Displacement
CB10 Capacitance Bridge
CB-2000 Capacitance Meter, Digital
Commander 1900 Recorder, Electrical
Commander PR100 Process Recorder
D10A11 Variable Area Flowmeter
DM23 Flowmeter
Duplex Temperature Probe, Pt100
FEP311 Flowmeter, Electromagnetic
FEV121 Flowmeter, Electromagnetic
Helix 2000 Flowmeter
Helix 3000 Flowmeter
N Series Transmitter, Pneumatic
PT100 Temperature Probe
PTF Turbine Flowmeter
PTF13011011 Flowmeter
SA Electrolytic Conductivity Simulator
Sensyflow P NW100 Flowmeter, Mass
Sensyflow VT2 Flowmeter, Mass
SM1000 Videographic Recorder
SM2000 Videographic Recorder
SM500F Videographic Recorder
SR100 Chart Recorder
TS04 - HBS/1/2797 Temperature Transmitter
Turbine Flowmeter Liquid

Call us on 01642 626144 or contact our team if your instrument is not listed.

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