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Ahlborn Calibration

Ahlborn Calibration List

Looking for a company to calibrate your Ahlborn instruments? PASS may be able to help, contact us for more information.

Ahlborn Instruments
Ahlborn Thermo Anemometer
2290-4 Data Logger
2390-3 Data Logger
2470-1SRH Humidity, Temperature & Pressure Indicator
2590-9 Data Logger
2690 Data Logger
Almemo 2390-5 Data Logger
Almemo 2890-9 Data Logger
AZ-940-FS Temperature Probe
FHA6466 Humidity Probe
FHA646-E1 Humidity Probe
FUA 919-2 Optical Sensor
FUA9192 Speed Probe
FV A915 Flowmeter, Turbine
FVA 645 GV40QT Vortex Flowmeter
FVA645GV40TQ Flowmeter, Vortex
FVA915S120 Anemometer Vane Probe
FVA915SMA1 Anemometer Vane Probe
FVA915VTH25M Flowmeter, Turbine
FVA930-TH4 Anemometer Probe
FYA600ACL2 Chlorine Detector
PK06 Temperature Probe
ZA 9040-FS Surface Probe
ZA-9040-FS2 Surface Probe
ZA-940-FS Temperature Probe

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