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Airflow Calibration

Airflow Calibration List

Contact PASS to find out which instruments manufactured by Airflow we can calibrate.

Airflow Instruments
Airflow Pitot Tube
Airflow Hot Wire Anemometer
Airflow Anemometer
Airflow Air Test Set
Airflow Air Intake
Airflow Balometer, Air Volume Flow Meter
Airflow Severe Service Single Stage Regulator
Airflow Vane
Airflow Vane Sensor
100 mm vane sensor Anemometer Sensor
1000 mm Pitot Tube
130 Sound Level Meter
200 mm Pitot Tube
300 mm Pitot Tube
3002 Anemometer
35 mm vane head Anemometer Sensor
35mm Anemometer
4 Manometer, Liquid
480 mm Pitot Tube
484 Anemometer Sensor
486 Multifunction Probe
495 Vane Sensor
504/125 Manometer, Liquid
504/500 Manometer, Liquid
6 Manometer, Liquid
750mm Pitot Tube
950 mm Pitot Tube
966 Hot Wire Probe
995 100mm Vane Sensor
AM-5000 Anemometer
APM2000 Micromanometer
ATP600 Balometer, Air Volume Flow Meter
AV2 Anemometer
AV30 Anemometer
AV6 Anemometer
AV6 Anemometer Probe
AV6 Anemometer, Vane & Temperature Logger
DB1 Pressure Indicator
DB2 Barometer
DB3 Pressure Indicator
DM2 Micromanometer
DM2L Micromanometer
DTH395 Temperature / Humidity Logger
DVA30 Anemometer
DVA30VT Anemometer
DVA6000T Anemometer
E Type Pitot Tube
EDM2500 Micromanometer
EDM2501 Micromanometer
EDRA 5LV Air Velocity Meter
EDRA4 Anemometer
EDRA5 Anemometer
EDRA6 Anemometer
ETA3000 Anemometer
ETA6000 Anemometer, Thermal
FL1.5 Manometer, Inclined
HVLT Manometer
JR Balometer, Air Volume Flow Meter
KAL84 Pressure Calibrator
L Type Pitot Tube
LCA301 Anemometer, Vane, Digital
LCA30IS Anemometer
LCA30RVT Anemometer
LCA30VA Anemometer
LCA30VT Anemometer
LCA501 Anemometer
LCA6000 Anemometer
LCA6000RVT Anemometer
LCA6000RVT MK2 Anemometer
LCA6000VA Anemometer
LCA6000VT Anemometer
LVDLT MK2 Duct Leakage Tester
MEDM 5K Micromanometer
MEDM500 Micromanometer
MK 4 & 5 Manometer, Inclined
MK3A Manometer, Inclined
MK5 Manometer
Navigator Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge
PH721 Balometer Indicator
PM-30 Barometer
Prohood Balometer, Air Volume Flow Meter
PVM100 Micromanometer
PVM600 Micromanometer
PVM610 Micromanometer
PVM620 Micromanometer
RM-137 Anemometer
SJ-16 Manometer, Liquid
SJ-24 Manometer, Liquid
SJ2k Manometer, Liquid
SJ-30 Manometer, Mercury
SJ-39 Manometer, Liquid
SLM 130 Sound Level Meter
TA2 Anemometer, Thermal
TA2-15 Anemometer
TA2-2 Anemometer
TA2-30 Anemometer
TA2-30/6k dual Anemometer, Thermal
TA3 Anemometer
TA3000 Anemometer
TA3000T Anemometer
TA35 Anemometer
TA4 Anemometer
TA400 Anemometer
TA400T Anemometer
TA410 Air Velocity Meter
TA430 Thermal Anemometer
ta430/h Thermal Anemometer
TA45 Anemometer
TA460 Anemometer
TA460-P Anemometer, Multifunction
TA465-P Multifunction Anemometer
TA5 Anemometer
TA5 Temperature Module
Type 504 Manometer, Inclined
UA30 Anemometer, Ultrasonic
UA6 Anemometer, Ultrasonic

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