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Amprobe Calibration

Amprobe Calibration List

Contact PASS to see if we can help with the calibration of the below Amprobe instruments:

Amprobe Instruments
Amprobe Vane Sensor
15XP-B Digital Multimeter
30XR Multimeter
34XR-A Multimeter, True Rms
A2201CE Clampmeter
ACDC-3400 IND Clampmeter
AW81 Clampmeter
DM7C Digital Multimeter
DRS-1 Clampmeter
HT7050 Insulation Tester
IR608A Infrared Thermometer
ISO5000 Insulation Tester
LH41A Clampmeter
LM120 Light Meter
LM631A Light Meter
Megatest 1 Megohmeter
R2000 Signal Receiver
RS1 Clampmeter
RS1000 Clampmeter
RS3 Clampmeter
RS300 Clampmeter
RS5 Clampmeter, Analogue
S2300 Load Signal Generator
S2600 Load Signal Generator
Skylab 90330 Voltage/current Analyser
SM-10 Sound Level Meter
SM-CAL1 Sound Level Calibrator
T2200 Signal Transmitter
TACH20 Tachometer, Optical / Mechanical
Telaris Loop Tester
TestMaster Clampmeter
TMA10 Anemometer
TMA10A Anemometer
TMA40--A Anemometer, Vane, Digital
TMD-53 Thermocouple Thermometer
TMD-56 Digital Thermometer
Ultra Clampmeter

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