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ATP Calibration

ATP Calibration List

Our technicians are able to calibrate and repair an extensive array of ATP instruments

ATP Instruments
ATP Digital Thermometer
ATP Digital Stopwatch
ATP Humidity / Temperature Indicator
ATP Thermocouple, Type K
ATP Anemometer Vane Probe
-5 to 1,300°C Digital Thermometer
-5 to 1,350°C Digital Thermometer
-50º to 300ºC Digital Thermometer
8901 Anemometer
AHT-321 Hygrometer / Temperature Indicator
AN45 Anemometer
AST-17 Digital Thermometer
ATH-986 Thermometer, Digital Dual Input
ATM-136 Stopwatch
ATP2730 Multimeter
DT-1308 Light Meter
DT-610B Digital Thermometer
DT-612 Digital Thermometer
DT-613 Digital Thermometer
DT-618B Thermo Anemometer
DT-6234 Tachometer, Optical
DT-6234B Tachometer, Digital
DT-625 Humidity / Temperature Indicator
DT-8851 Sound Level Meter
DT-8862 Infra Red Thermometer
DT-8880 Anemometer, Thermal
DT-8892 Hygro Thermometer
DT-8893 Thermo Anemometer
HT50 Hygrometer / Temperature Indicator
IR 77H Infra Red Thermometer
LX-1309 Light Meter
SL35 Sound Level Meter
SL-8851 Sound Level Meter
Stop clock Stopwatch
TK200 Temperature Indicator, Type K
TK210 Digital Thermometer
TM20 Digital Stopwatch

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