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Bird Elec. Corp. Calibration

Bird Elec. Corp. Calibration List

We are accredited to repair and calibrate the Bird Elec. Corp. instruments below:

Bird Elec. Corp. Instruments
250H Element
25C Element
25E Element
25-T-FN Termination
4021 RF Power Sensor
43 Wattmeter
4304A Wattmeter
4313 Wattmeter
4314 Wattmeter
4314B Watt Meter
4421 RF Power Meter
5E Element
7020-1-0101 Power Sensor
8080 Load Resistor
8135 Resistor, Coax
AT-800 Antenna Tester

Call us on 01642 626144 or contact our team if your instrument is not listed.

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