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Bowers Calibration

Bowers Calibration List

Get in touch to see if our team can help you with the calibration of the following Bowers instruments:

Bowers Instruments
Bowers Ring Gauge
Bowers Depth Gauge
0-30mm Digital Caliper
100 to 150mm Bore Micrometer
100-125mm Bore Micrometer
100-150mm Internal Micrometer, Electronic
10-12.5mm Bore Micrometer
12.5-16mm Bore Micrometer
12.5mm Setting Ring
12.703mm Setting Ring
125-150mm Bore Micrometer
125mm Setting Ring
16-20mm Bore Micrometer
19.057mm Setting Ring
19.994mm Setting Ring
19.998mm Setting Ring
20-25mm Bore Micrometer
25-35mm Bore Micrometer
30.483mm Setting Ring
34.997mm Setting Ring
34mm Setting Ring
35.000mm Setting Ring
35-50mm Bore Micrometer
50-100mm Internal Micrometer, Electronic
50-60mm Bore Micrometer
50-65mm Bore Micrometer
51-77mm Bore Gauge
63.504mm Setting Ring
64.003mm Setting Ring
65- 80mm Bore Micrometer
65mm Setting Ring
7.930mm Setting Ring
80-100mm Bore Micrometer
80mm Setting Ring
88.902mm Setting Ring
8mm Setting Ring
EIM030M 0-30mm SNAPMIC Micrometer
IP 65 Internal Micrometer
IP65 Internal Micrometer
XT Xtreme Bore Micrometer Indicator

Call us on 01642 626144 or contact our team if your instrument is not listed.

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