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Casella Calibration

Casella Calibration List

Looking to calibrate your Casella instruments? We maybe be able to help. Contact us for more details:

Casella Instruments
Casella Hygrometer
Casella Temperature / Humidity Recorder
Casella Thermo Hygrograph
Casella Thermo Hygrograph
Casella Thermo Hygrograph
0-30m/s Hand Held Anemometer
100112E Temperature / Humidity Recorder
102917A-01 Barometer
10712 Manometer
6" manometer Manometer, Liquid
AMS950IS Dust Monitor
C8303/2 Temperature Recorder
CEL-110/1 Sound Level Calibrator
CEL-110/2 Sound Level Calibrator
CEL-120/2 Acoustic Calibrator
CEL-24X Sound Level Meter
CEL-254 Sound Level Meter
CEL-282 Sound Level Meter, Calibrator
CEL-350 Noise Dosimeter
CEL-35X/IS Sound Level Meter
CEL-420 Noise Dosimeter
CEL-424 Sound Level Meter
CEL-440.B1 Sound Level Meter
CEL-450 Sound Level Meter
CEL462Ex Noise Dosimeter
CEL-490 Sound Level Meter
CEL-553.C1 Sound Analyzer
D6381 Thermo Hygrograph
E8270/Z/2 Thermo Hygrograph
Fortin Barometer
HTY-800-110B Thermo Hygrograph
M109014 Humidity / Temperature Chart Recorder
M116008 Anemometer
Microdust Pro Aerosol Monitor
MK2 Thermo Hygrograph
T6650 Temperature Chart Recorder
T9104 Hygrometer
T9420 Thermo Hygrograph
THMK1 Temperature / Humidity Recorder
Transfer Standard Barometer

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