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CEM Calibration

CEM Calibration List

PASS provides a complete calibration service for most brands. Contact us about your CEM instruments to see if we can help.

CEM Instruments
DT=8851 Sound Level Meter
DT-1300 Light Meter
DT-1308 Light Meter
DT-172 Temperature / Humidity Logger
DT-2006 Multimeter
DT-2G Microwave Leakage Detector
DT-318 Thermo Anemometer
DT-3343 Clampmeter
DT-612 Digital Thermometer
DT-613 Digital Thermometer
DT-615 Humidity / Temperature Indicator
DT-618B Anemometer, Vane, Digital
DT-618B Temperature Probe/vane Anemometer Module - Air
DT-619 Thermo Anemometer
DT-6234B Tachometer, Digital
DT6236B Tachometer, Optical / Mechanical
DT-6236B Tachometer, Digital
DT-805 Sound Level Meter
DT-8818H Infra Red Thermometer
DT-8820 Environmental Meter
DT-8820 Environmental Meter
DT-8838 Thermometer Infrared
DT-8850 Sound Level Meter
DT-8851 Sound Level Meter
DT-930 Digital Multimeter

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