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Chauvin Arnoux Calibration

Chauvin Arnoux Calibration List

Contact us to discuss the Chauvin Arnoux instruments that our calibration team may be able to help you with.

Chauvin Arnoux Instruments
Chauvin Arnoux Vane
100A Clampmeter
A11 Current Probe
AmpFLEX A193-800mm Current Clamp
BA150 Clampmeter
C100 Current Clamp
C103 Clampmeter
C160 Current Clamp
C173 Current Clamp
C35N Current Probe
CA10 Micro Ohmmeter
CA1051 Multifunction Indicator
CA1051 Anemometer, Thermal
CA1051 Anemometer Vane Probe
CA1051 Thermocouple Module
CA1051 RH Probe
CA1224 Temperature Sensor
CA1224 Anemometer, Vane, Digital
CA1226 Thermo Anemometer
CA1725 Tachometer
CA1727 Tachometer
CA21 Tachometer, Digital
CA25 Tachometer, Digital
CA27 Tachometer, Digital
CA405 Wattmeter Three Phase
CA5233 Digital Multimeter
CA6115 Combined Installation Tester
CA6115 Installation Tester
CA6115N Combined Installation Tester
CA6121 Combined Installation Tester
CA6240 Micro Ohmmeter
CA6250 Micro Ohmmeter
CA6412 Earth Clampmeter
CA6413 Current Probe
CA6415 Earth Clampmeter
CA6421 Earth / Resistivity Tester
CA6423 Earth Tester
CA6462 Earth / Resistivity Tester
CA6505 Megohmmeter
CA6523B Megohmeter
CA6525 Insulation Tester
CA6541 Megohmmeter
CA6543 Megohmmeter
CA740A Voltage Detector
CA810 Luxmeter
CA812 Anemometer
CA813 Light Meter
CA8210 Wattmeter Single / Three Phase
CA822 Anemometer, c/w Temperature Sensor
CA8334 Power Analyser
CA8334B Power Analyser
CA8335 Power Analyser
CA846 Thermo Hygrometer
CA848 Thermo Hygrometer
CA861 Digital Thermometer
CA871 Infra Red Thermometer
CA879 Infra Red Thermometer
CDA185 Light Meter
CDA2902 Clampmeter
CDA40 Voltage / Resistance Tester
CDA845 Temperature / Humidity Indicator
CV100A Current Probe
DETEC E220 Cable Detector
E220 Earth Detector
E3 Current Probe
E3N Clampmeter
E6N Clampmeter
F03 Multimeter / Clampmeter
F11 Clampmeter
F11N Multimeter / Clampmeter
F13N Multimeter / Clampmeter
F15 Multimeter / Clampmeter
F3 Clampmeter
F3N Clampmeter TRMS, AC
F65 Clampmeter
ICA31 Current, Transducer
ISOL1000 Insulation / Continuity Tester
ISOL1000N Insulation / Continuity Tester
ISOL5000N Insulation / Bridge Tester
Locat E110 Earth Detector
Locat R Cable Detector
Minipince Clampmeter
Minipince 1P Clampmeter
Minipince 4 Clampmeter
MN09 Current Adapter
MN11 Current Adapter
MN21 Current Adapter
MN39 Current Adapter
MN60 Clampmeter
MN93A Current Adapter
Nutherm K Digital Thermometer
PAC 93 Clampmeter
Tellurohm CA2 Earth Tester
Y13 Current Probe
Y1N Current Probe
Y4 Current Probe
Y4N Current Probe
Y-CV 500 Current Probe

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