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CMR Calibration

CMR Calibration List

In addition to a number of other manufactures, our Calibration and Repair department is able to accommodate instruments manufactured by CMR, such as:

CMR Instruments
CMR Power Line Analyser
200-182 Manometer
200-360 Manometer
APM100 Low Air Pressure Alarm
CAL105 Manometer
CAL150 Pressure Calibrator
CAL200 Pressure Calibrator
CAL200 Electrical Module
CAL95 Manometer
DPM50 Digital Pressure Gauge
EMA150 Manometer, Digital
KAL84 Micromanometer
KAL84 Pressure Calibrator
KAL84 2MB Micromanometer
KAL84/100 Pressure Calibrator

Call us on 01642 626144 or contact our team if your instrument is not listed.

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