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Cole-Parmer Calibration

Cole-Parmer Calibration List

See if our team can help arrange the calibration of the following Cole-Parmer instruments. Get in touch today for more details:

Cole-Parmer Instruments
0.1 to 1 l/min Flowmeter, Air
0.4-5 l/min Flowmeter, Variable Area
08204-50 Tachometer, Digital
32249-60 Flowmeter, Turbine
68801-01 Vacuum Indicator
68801-51 Vacuum Sensor
8210 Tachometer
86460-05 Digital Thermometer
93600-22 Temperature Probe
Digi-Sense Digital Thermometer
EH461825 Tachometer/stroboscope
EW-08204-50 Tachometer, Digital
EW-17004-00 Infra Red Thermometer
EW-17004-10 Infrared Probe
EW-17004-20 Infrared Thermometer System
EW-37803-51 Humidity / Temperature Printer
EW-87002-35 Stroboscope
HT-4100 Tachometer Non Contact
MINI-ALARM Digital Stopwatch
PMR1-010294 Flowmeter
WZ-68602-00 Manometer, Digital
WZ-68801-01 Vacuum Indicator

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