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Comark Calibration

Comark Calibration List

Get in touch to see if our team can help you with the calibration of the following Comark instruments:

Comark Instruments
Comark Humidity Probe
Comark Thermometer
Comark Temperature Probe
1601 Thermometer, Analogue
1602 Thermometer, Analogue
1604 Thermometer
1605 Thermometer, Analogue
1621 Thermometer, Analogue
1625-4 Thermometer, Analogue
1642 Thermometer
1694 Selector Switch
1905 Insulation Tester
2001 Digital Thermometer
2001 Thermometer
2001 Temperature Indicator
2002 Thermometer
2005 Thermometer
2007 Thermometer
2008 Thermometer
2010 Thermometer
2020 Humidity / Thermo Hygrometer
2037 Selector Switch
2501 Thermometer
2502 Thermometer
3000 Thermometer
3001 Digital Thermometer
3002 Digital Thermometer
3006 Thermometer
3007 Thermometer
3009 Thermometer
3010 Thermometer
3501 Thermometer
3508 Thermometer
4 wire Platinum Resistance Thermometer
4041 Recorder, Electrical
4540 Strip Chart Recorder
5000 Thermometer
5015 Thermometer
5215 Thermometer
6020 Digital Thermometer
6100 Digital Thermometer
6110 Thermometer, Multi Channel
6120 Thermometer
6130 Digital Thermometer
6200 Thermometer
6600 Digital Thermometer
6800 Digital Thermometer
6900 Digital Thermometer
8600/P Temperature Indicator
9001 Thermometer, Digital Types K, N, T, J
9003 Digital Thermometer
9007 Thermometer, Digital Type K, N
9008 Thermometer, Digital Differential Types K. N, T, J
9010 Thermometer, Digital Pt100
9050 Thermometer, Digital Types K, J, T
AK21M Temperature Probe - Air
AK22M Temperature Probe - Air
AK23M Temperature Probe, Type K
AK24M Temperature Probe, Type K
AK27M Temperature Probe - Air
AK27M Thermocouple, Type K
AK28M Thermocouple, Type K
AK28M Temperature Probe
AK29M Thermocouple, Type K
AK33M Thermocouple Type K
AT26M Thermocouple, Type T
AX25L Thermistor Probe
C1743 Data Logger
C1743A Temperature / Humidity Logger
C20 Digital Thermometer
C22 Digital Thermometer
C8510 Temperature Monitor Type K
C8510 Thermometer, Recording
C8600 Scanning Thermometer
C8650 Thermometer Precision, PRT
C9001 Thermometer, Digital Types K, N, T, J, R, S
C9003 Thermometer, Digital Type K
C9006 I.S. Digital Thermometer
C9006/IS Thermometer, Digital Types K, N, T, J, R, S
C9007 digital Thermometer, Type K
C9008 Thermometer, Digital Types K, N, T, J, R, S
C9009 Thermometer, Digital Type T
C9011 Thermometer, Digital Pt100
C9040K Temperature Simulator
C9040TL Temperature Simulator
C9040TM Thermocouple Calibrator
C9050 Thermometer, Digital Types K, J, T
C9091 Thermometer, Digital Thermister
C9501/IS Manometer, Digital
C9503 IS Manometer
C9505/IS Manometer, Digital
C9505IS Pressure Meter
C9507/IS Manometer, Digital
C9551 Pressure Indicator
C9551/SIL Manometer, Digital
C9555 Manometer, Digital
C9557 Manometer, Digital
CF21 Thermometer
Diligence C1743A Temperature / Humidity Logger
Diligence EVG N3014 Temperature Logger
DX31L Food Simulant Probe
Evolution N9092 Digital Thermometer
EVT2 Temperature Logger
IK24M Temperature Probe, Type K
IP22L Temperature Probe, Pt100
KM1242 Thermometer, Printing Type K
KM20REF Thermometer, Digital Pt100
KM221 Digital Thermometer
KM330 Thermometer, Digital Type K
KM340 Thermometer, Digital Dual Input Type K
KM4007 Anemometer
KM45 Thermometer, Digital Types K, J, T
KM450/IS Thermometer, Digital Type K
KM450S Thermometer, Digital Type K
KM6003 Tachometer Non Contact
KM8004 Humidity / Temperature Indicator
KM8006 Humidity / Temperature Indicator
KM800S Infra Red Thermometer
KM822 Thermometer Infrared
KX5474 Probe
N1092 Data Logger
N2001 Data Logger
N2003 Humidity / Temperature Logger
N2011 Temperature Logger
N2012 Temperature Logger
N2013 Humidity / Temperature Logger
N2014 Temperature Logger
N3014 Data Logger
N8004 Humidity / Temperature Indicator
N8006 Humidity / Temperature Indicator
N81 Humidity Probe
N9003 Thermometer, Digital Type K
N9005 Digital Thermometer
N9009 Thermometer Type T
N9094 Digital Thermometer
P125 Thermometer, Digital C/w Probe
PK21M Temperature Probe
PK24M Temperature Probe
PK24M Insertion Probe
PK29M Insertion Probe
PK31M Insertion Probe
Pockettherm 125 Digital Thermometer
PT100 Temperature Probe
PT24L Thermocouple, Type T
PX22L Thermistor Probe
RF515 Data Logger
RF515 Data Logger
RF516 Temperature Logger
SK21M Temperature Probe
SK24M Temperature Probe, Surface Heavy Duty
SK25M Temperature Probe, Surface Heavy Duty
TK2 Hand Pump
TX21L Thermometer Test Cap
TX23L Thermometer Test Cap
TX24L Thermometer Test Cap
TX26L Thermometer Test Cap
Type K Thermocouple
Type K Temperature Probe
Type K Adaptor
Type T Temperature Probe
Type T Thermocouple
Unknown Temperature / Humidity Indicator
VLS5J Remote Sensor

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