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Crompton Inst. Calibration

Crompton Inst. Calibration List

Contact us to discuss the Crompton Inst. products we are able to arrange a calibration service for.

Crompton Inst. Instruments
Crompton Inst. 3 Phase Ammeter
0.0001 ohm Standard Resistor
0-150A Amp Meter
0-250A Amp Meter
0-300V Voltage Meter
0-500V Voltmeter
0-55HZ Frequency Meter
262 Temperature Indicator, Digital
262-DDVW Voltmeter, Digital
815-942T Current Transformer
816-942T Current Transformer
818-942T Current Transformer
Analogue Power Meter
CI1500 Clampmeter
Tong-Test Clampmeter, Analogue

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