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Desgranges et Huot Calibration

Desgranges et Huot Calibration List

To determine if we can calibrate your Desgranges et Huot instrument, please get in touch with us.

Desgranges et Huot Instruments
Desgranges et Huot Mass Set
Desgranges et Huot Piston Cylinder
1 bar/kg gas-operated piston-cylinder
1 kg Piston Bell (tare)
1 kg Piston Bell
1 MPa/kg oil-operated piston-cylinder
10 bar/kg oil-operated piston-cylinder
10 bar/kg gas-operated piston-cylinder
10 bar/kg (re-entrant) oil-operated piston-cylinder
10 bar/kg TARE gas-operated piston-cylinder
100g to 5kg F2 Deadweight Mass Set
1460 Deadweight Tester
1500 Pressure Divider
1500 Pressure Gauge, Differential
1500 Pressure Gauge, Differential
1600S Pressure Divider
20 bar/kg gas-operated piston-cylinder
200 psi/kg gas-operated piston-cylinder
200 psi/kg oil-operated piston-cylinder
2277/127 Deadweight Tester
2674/319 Deadweight Tester
40 kg Mass Set
40 kg Mass Set (24) Off
40 kg mass set (measuring) Mass Set
40 kg mass set (TARE)) Mass Set
45000 Pressure multiplier
5 bar/kg gas-operated piston-cylinder
5 bar/kg TARE gas-operated piston-cylinder
50 bar/kg oil-operated piston-cylinder
50 kg Mass Set
50 Mbar-600 Mbar Mass Set (11) Off
50g to 10mg Mass Set (16) Off Fine Increment
50g to 20mg Weight Set
5201 Deadweight Tester
5201 Deadweight Piston/Cylinder
5202 (2-400 bar) Piston Cylinder
5304 Deadweight Tester Instrument Base
5403G Deadweight Tester
5403G Conductivity Bridge
5403G Conductivity Bridge
5500 Differential Pressure Balance
5500 Mass Set
5500 Volume Adjuster
5501 Deadweight Tester ?P Twin Piston, Air
5501S Deadweight Tester ?P, Air
5501S Weight Set
5502 100 psi/kg Deadweight Gauge
5502N Twin Post Deadweight Tester Base
5504 Deadweight Tester Instrument Base
6 kg Mass Set (pressure)
Bell Mass Carrier
Desgranges et Huot DWT piston Piston Assembly
F2 100kg Mass Set
F2 10mg to 50g Deadweight Mass Set
Kn=5 bar/kg Mass Set
Multiplier tare mass Weight
OIML M1 Trim Mass Set
Pt100 Thermometer, Pt100
Volume Adjuster Variable Volume (gas Pressure)

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