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Dilo Calibration

Dilo Calibration List

Our team is on hand to help advise on the calibration of the below Dilo instruments. Get in touch for more information:

Dilo Instruments
3-027-R001 Volume Percentage Measuring Device
3-027-R002 Sf6 - Volume Percentage Measuring Device
3-031-R001 Electronic Moisture Measuring Device
3-031-R002 Electronic Moisture Measuring Device
3-032-R001 Decomposition Test Set
3-032-R002 Decomposition Test Set
3-032-R003 Decomposition Test Set
3-033-R001 Gas Leak Detector
3-033-R002 SF6 Leak Detector
3-034-R001 Electronic Moisture Measuring Device
3-036-R001 Sf6 Multi-function Gas Analyser
3-036-R050 Sf6 Breaker Analyser
3-037-R001 Electronic Moisture Measuring Device
3-038 Sf6 Multi-function Gas Analyser
B044R12 Sf6 Gas Storage Tank
B152R01 Mass Flow Measuring System
B152R31 Gas Refilling Device
B152R91 Mass Flow Measuring System
B2000R01 Service Cart
K091R07/R17 Electronic Scales
SK-509-R010 Gas Density Monitor
Z317R05 Gas Refilling Device
Z317R07 Gas Refilling Device
Z317R08 Gas Refilling Device

Call us on 01642 626144 or contact our team if your instrument is not listed.

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