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Dostmann Calibration

Dostmann Calibration List

Can we supply you with a quality calibration service? Contact us to discuss your Dostmann instruments.

Dostmann Instruments
Dostmann Humidity Probe
Dostmann Humidity / Temperature Probe
Dostmann Temperature Probe
6000-0005 Temperature Probe
6000-1084 Temperature Probe
6020-1001 Temperature & Humidity Probe
6020-1009 Temperature & Humidity Probe
CTH6500 Digital Thermometer
D795 Thermometer, Digital Dual Input
P330 Temperature / Humidity Indicator
P500 Digital Thermometer
P555 Digital Thermometer
P600 Digital Thermometer
P600-EX Digital Thermometer
P650 Humidity / Temperature Indicator
P650-EX Digital Thermometer
P655 Humidity / Temperature Indicator
P655 Temperature Indicator
P670 Multifunction Indicator
P700 Digital Thermometer
P750 Digital Thermometer
P755 Digital Thermometer
P795 Digital Thermometer
PT100 Temperature Probe
Scantemp 440 Infra Red Thermometer
T900 series Temperature, Humidity & Air Velocity bench Instrument
TA-888 Anemometer, Thermal

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