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Draper Calibration

Draper Calibration List

Can we help you with the calibration of your Draper instruments? Please reach out to us for more information.

Draper Instruments
Draper Steel Ruler
0 to 138 psi Tyre Pressure Gauge
0.01mm Lever Gauge
0-0005"-1.0" Dial Test Indicator
0-1" Micrometer
0-10mm Dial Test Indicator
0-200 mm External Micrometer
0-25mm External Micrometer
0-25mm Dial Test Indicator
0-300mm Vernier Caliper
03077 250mm Digital Protractor
1 metre Steel Ruler
1-2 inch External Micrometer
150mm Vernier Caliper
20572 Air Blow Gun
25-50mm External Micrometer
300 x 0.5mm Steel Ruler
3001 Torque Wrench
3001A Torque Wrench
3004A Torque Wrench
300mm Steel Ruler
4620 Feeler Gauge
5 metre Tape Measure
50-75mm External Micrometer
51831 Dial Test Indicator
58138 Torque Wrench
58140 Torque Wrench
600mm Steel Ruler
ALG34 Tyre Pressure Gauge
DMM2A Digital Multimeter
DMM6 Multimeter
DMM9 Clampmeter, Multifunction
EPTW15-50 Torque Wrench
PVC 150D Digital Vernier Caliper

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