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Dwyer Calibration

Dwyer Calibration List

Looking for a company to calibrate your Dwyer instruments? PASS may be able to help, contact us for more information.

Dwyer Instruments
Dwyer Vane
Dwyer Pitot Tube
Dwyer Anemometer Sensor
Dwyer Gauge, Digital
0 to 60 Pa Magnehelic Pressure Gauge
0-1 inch Micrometer Head
0-60 pascals Photohelic Gauge
-100 to 0 kpa Vacuum Gauge
104-10 Manometer, Liquid
160-12 Pitot Tube
160-18 Pitot Tube
167-12 Pitot Tube
18 inch Pitot Tube
2000 Series Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge
246 Manometer
3000MR Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge
471 Anemometer
471-1 Anemometer / Temperature Indicator, Thermal
475 Manometer
475 MKIII Manometer, Digital
477 Manometer
477-1 Manometer
477A-2 Manometer
485 Hygrometer
490-2 Manometer
641-6-LED Air Velocity Meter
CAT 6012 Pitot Tube
Digihelic DH3-004 Pressure Gauge
GFM-1144 Flowmeter, Gas
HFB-3-15 Flowmeter Liquid
Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge
MS-121-LCD Transmitter
MVA-02 Thermo Anemometer
MVT Thermo Anemometer
MVT176 Anemometer
Photohelic 3000MR Pressure Gauge
RHT-D-LCD Humidity / Temperature Transmitter
RMA-21-SSV Flowmeter
RMB-53-SSV Flowmeter
RMB-54-SSV Flowmeter, Air
Series 1950 Explosion Proof Pressure Switches
Series 1950G Explosion Proof Pressure Switches
Series 666 Differential Pressure Transmitter
TAC2K Tachometer
Vaneometer Anemometer
Velocity/Temp Temperature Probe
VT120 Anemometer

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