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Ecom Calibration

Ecom Calibration List

Please contact us to see which Ecom instruments we can calibrate.

Ecom Instruments
6628-1232/208 Temperature Probe
82104 Temperature Probe
EMX51 Multimeter
EX MX2 Thermal Gun
EX413 Resistance Meter
EX413A Resistance Meter
Ex-Cal 3000 Multifunction Calibrator
Ex-Cal PT550 Thermometer
Ex-DM 1000 Multimeter
Ex-Handy 04 Mobile Phone
Ex-HM28 Manometer
EXMAG21 Current Source
Ex-MP 4 Thermometer Infrared
EX-MP4 Infra Red Thermometer
Ex-Mx2 Infra Red Thermometer
Ex-PM30L2 Non Contact Thermometer
EXPT550 Temperature Indicator
Ex-Pt720 Digital Thermometer
Ex-Tacho 10/LSP Tachometer, Digital
EX-TACHO10 Optical Tachometer
FCX2000 Frequency Calibrator
Ohm-Ex 413 Resistance Meter
TM10 Optical Tachometer

Call us on 01642 626144 or contact our team if your instrument is not listed.

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