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Edwards Calibration

Edwards Calibration List

Contact us to discuss the Edwards instruments that our calibration team may be able to help you with.

Edwards Instruments
Edwards Capacitance Manometer
Edwards Active Gauge Controller
Edwards Active Controller
Edwards Vacuum Gauge
D02602000 APG100-XM NW25 Active Gauge
0 to 150 mbar Vacuum Gauge (capsule)
0 to 25 mbar Vacuum Gauge (capsule)
0 to 30" Hg Vacuum Gauge
0 to 50 mbar 4" Vacuum Gauge (capsule)
0-1000 mbar Vacuum Gauge
1001 Vacuum Indicator
1005 Vacuum Indicator
1101 Vacuum Indicator
25-0 mbar 4.5 inch Vacuum Gauge
501 Pirani Gauge
ADC D39590000 Active Digital Controller
ADC D3959100C Active Digital Controller
APG100-XLC Active Pirani Gauge
APG100-XM Vacuum Head
APG-L Vacuum Head
APG-L-NW16 Active Pirani Gauge
APG-M-NW16 Vacuum Head
APG-MP-NW16 Active Gauge
APGX-L Pirani Vacuum Gauge Head
ASG1000 Vacuum Sensor
Barocel 590AB Vacuum Gauge
Barocel 600 Vacuum Transducer
CG 16k 0-1040mbar Pressure Gauge
CG16 Vacuum Gauge
CG16K Vacuum Gauge
CG16K Vacuum Gauge (capsule)
CG3 Vacuum Gauge
CG-3 0-125 mbar Vacuum Gauge (capsule)
CP25-K Vacuum Head
CP25-S Vacuum Head
D02171000 APG-M-NW16 Al Active Gauge
D02173000 Vacuum Head
D02175000 Vacuum Head
D02185000 Active Head
D02602000 APG100-XM Active Gauge
D14545000 Active Gauge
D14641000 AIM-S-NW25 Active Gauge
D14642000 Active Gauge
D1470100C Wide Range Gauge
D35726000 Active Gauge
D38652000 Active Gauge Controller
D38654000 Active Gauge Controller
D38655000 Active Gauge Controller
D38655000 Active Controller
D38660000 Active Controller
D38661000 Active Digital Controller
D38662000 Active Gauge Controller
D39556000 Digital Display
D39560000 Active Gauge Controller
D39576000 Active Gauge Display
D39591000 Active Digital Controller
D39700000 Vacuum Controller
E02C/0 Vacuum Pump
E2M18 Vacuum Pump
E2M2 Vacuum Pump
E2M28 Vacuum Pump
E2M5 Vacuum Pump
E2MS Vacuum Pump
EB3A Vacuum & Compressor Pump
ED-He-PS2 Helium Reference Leak
EDM 2 Vacuum Pump
Gaschech G3 Leak Detector
H5L2B Vacuum Pump
Penning Vacuum Gauge
Penning 8 Vacuum Gauge
Pirani 10 Vacuum Gauge Controller
Pirani 14 Vacuum Gauge Controller
PR10-K Vacuum Sensor
PR25-K Vacuum Sensor
PRE10K Pirani Vacuum Gauge Head
PRH 10 Vacuum Head
PRL10K Vacuum Head
PRM10 Vacuum Head
PRM10K Vacuum Head
SPEEDIVAC 2 Vacuum Pump
Vacustat Vacuum Gauge
W60022811 Capacitance Manometer
W600-41-811 Capacitance Manometer
W60042811 Capacitance Manometer

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