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Elcometer Calibration

Elcometer Calibration List

Can we help to calibrate your Elcometer instruments? Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Elcometer Instruments
Elcometer Standard Ferrous Zero Plate
Elcometer Standard Non-ferrous Zero Plate
Elcometer Adhesion Tester
Elcometer Calibration Foil
Elcometer Film Thickness Meter
Elcometer Dial Profile Gauge
Elcometer Dial Indicator
Elcometer Hygro Thermometer
Elcometer Micrometer
0-10 mils/thou Dial Test Indicator
113 Thermometer, Limpet
121 Film Thickness Meter
124 Thickness Indicator
145 Thickness Indicator
1581 Ferritector
20/60 Gloss Standard
202 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
211 Mechanical Thickness Gauge
213 Digital Thermometer
215 Oven-logger
217 Hygro Thermometer
236 Paint Inspection Gauge
246 Thickness Indicator
256FN Coating Thickness Gauge
266 Holiday Detector
270 Pinhole Detector
319 Dewpoint Meter
319/2 Dewpoint Meter
331 Concrete Cover Meter
345 Thickness Indicator
415 Coating Thickness Gauge
456 Thickness Indicator
456 F2 Standard Probe
D280 Holiday Detector
FNF1 Thickness Probe
G319 Dewpoint Meter
Microns Thickness Foil
Mircogloss 60 Glossmeter
P.I.G. Paint Inspection Gauge
SCM400 Salt Contamination Meter

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