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ETI Ltd Calibration

ETI Ltd Calibration List

Can our calibration team help arrange the calibration of the following ETI Ltd instruments? Contact us for more details:

ETI Ltd Instruments
ETI Ltd Thermometer
ETI Ltd Temperature & Humidity Probe
ETI Ltd Temperature Probe
ETI Ltd Six Way Selector
ETI Ltd Hygrometer, Whirling
ETI Ltd Digital Thermometer
ETI Ltd Water Bath
ETI Ltd Thermometer, Reference
ETI Ltd Temperature Probe, Type K
-10 to 110° C Dial Thermometer
-10 to 50ºC Digital Thermometer
123-204 Thermocouple, Type K
123-212 Temperature Probe, Type K
1301 Light Meter
170-372 Air / Gas Thermistor Probe
174-166 Thermistor Probe
2001 Temperature Indicator
2003 Digital Thermometer
2202 Temperature Indicator, Type K
2203 Thermometer
221-056 Thermometer
3001 Dry Block Temperature Calibrator
3004 Dry Block Temperature Calibrator
-40 to 50ºC Digital Thermometer
6100 Humidity / Temperature Indicator
8051 Light Meter
8703 Thermometer
8711 Thermo Hygrometer
8903 Anemometer / Temperature Indicator, Thermal
AP710 Thermo Printer
Aquatemp Digital Thermometer
CaterTemp 2 Temperature Indicator, Digital
DCFM8901 Anemometer
DGT 33 Digital Thermometer
DGT30 Digital Thermometer
DGT32 Digital Thermometer
Food check Digital Thermometer
FoodCheck Digital Thermometer
MicroCal 1 plus Temperature Simulator
Microcal 2 Thermocouple Simulator
MicroCal 3 Temperature Simulator
Microtherma 2 Digital Thermometer
Microthermal Thermometer
Precision Pt100 Digital Thermometer
PTR Printing Thermometer
ray temp 8 Thermometer
Reference Thermometer, Digital C/w Probe
Reference Digital Thermometer
Temperature probe Thermistor
Therma 2 Digital Thermometer
Therma 20 Digital Thermometer
Therma 20 Digital Thermometer
Therma 3 Digital Thermometer
Therma 5 Digital Thermometer
Therma Elite Digital Thermometer
ThermaData Temperature Logger
ThermaData Temperature / Humidity Logger
Thermapen Temperature Indicator
TN2 Infrared Thermometer
Type "K" Thermocouple, Type K
Type K Thermocouple
Type K Temperature Probe
Type K Surface Probe
WTBF Wireless RF Data Logger
YF170 Light Meter

Call us on 01642 626144 or contact our team if your instrument is not listed.

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