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Facom Calibration

Facom Calibration List

Looking for a calibration service for your Facom instruments? PASS may be able to help, contact us to find out more.

Facom Instruments
0-150mm Digital Vernier Caliper
10 metre, 897.1025 Tape Measure
1000mm Ruler
2000mm Straight Edge
300mm Rule, Per Scale
300mm Engineers Square
452 Crimp Tool
500mm Straight Edge
50m Tape Measure
711 Multimeter
819B.20 Engineers Square
A.402 Torque Screwdriver
E.506-340S Angle Gauge
J.208-50 Torque Wrench
K315D Wrench
K315D (120-600Nm) Torque Wrench
S.306-200D Torque Wrench
S.325DA Torque Wrench
S.329DA Torque Wrench

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