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Fluke Calibration

Fluke Calibration List

Looking for a company to calibrate your Fluke instruments? PASS may be able to help, contact us for more information.

Fluke Instruments
Fluke Universal Input Module
Fluke Temperature Probe
Fluke Current Clamp
Fluke High Value Resistance Source
10 Digital Multimeter
100-8MA Calibration Board
105 Series II Scopemeter
105B Scopemeter
105B Series II Scopemeter
11 Multimeter / Clampmeter
110 Multimeter
111 Multimeter
112 Multimeter
113 Multimeter, RMS
114 Multimeter
115 Multimeter
116 True RMS Digital Multimeter
117 Multimeter
12 Multimeter
123 Scopemeter
123H Scopemeter, Industrial
123S Scopemeter, Industrial
124 Scopemeter, Industrial
125 Scopemeter
1281 Multimeter
12B Multimeter
132 Scopemeter
1503 Insulation Tester
1504 Digital Thermometer
1507 Insulation Multimeter
1520 Insulation Tester
1521 Thermometer
1523 Digital Thermometer
1524 Digital Thermometer
1529 Temperature Indicator, High Accuracy
1550 Multifunction Calibrator
1550 Megohmeter
1550B Megohmmeter
1550C Insulation Tester
1551A Ex Stik Digital Thermometer
1552A Thermometer, Digital C/w Probe
1552A Ex Stik Digital Thermometer
1560 Black Stack Digital Thermometer
1577 Multimeter / Insulation Tester Combined
1586A Temperature Scanner
1587 Insulation Multimeter
1587T Insulation Multimeter
16 Multimeter
16 Multimeter
1620A Humidity / Temperature Indicator
1621 Earth Tester
1623 Earth Tester
1625 GEO Earth Ground Tester
163 Counter, Multifunction
1630 Earth Clampmeter
164 Counter, Multifunction
164T Counter, Multifunction
1651 Multifunction 16th Edition Tester
1651B Multifunction Tester
1652 Multifunction Tester
1652 C Multifunction Installation Tester
1652B Multifunction Tester
1652C Multifunction Installation Tester
1653 Multifunction Installation Tester
1653B Multifunction Tester
1653C Multifunction Installation Tester
1654B Multifunction Installation Tester
165X Multifunction Installation Tester
1722A Instrument Controller
1735 Power Logger, 3 Phase
175 Multimeter
1752A Data Acquisition System
177 Multimeter
179 Multimeter
183 Multimeter
185 Multimeter
187 Multimeter
189 Multimeter, RMS
190 Scopemeter
190-202 Scopemeter
190-204 Scopemeter
192 Scopemeter
192b Scopemeter
195 Waveform Generator
1953A Timer Counter
196 Scopemeter
196B Scopemeter
196C Scopemeter
199 Scopemeter
199B Scopemeter
199C Scopemeter
2030A Programmable Printer
2042 Cable / Pipe Detector
2042R Cable Fault Locator Receiver
2042T Cable Fault Locator Transmitter
21 Multimeter
21 II Multimeter
21 III Multimeter
2100A Thermometer
2160A Digital Thermometer
2180A Thermometer
2190A Digital Thermometer
2200B Data Logger
2200C Data Logger
2240B Data Logger
2240C Data Logger
2285A Data Acquisition Unit
2289A Data Acquisition Unit
23 Multimeter
23 II Multimeter
23 III Multimeter
2300A Thermocouple Scanner
233 Digital Multimeter
2400B Intelligent Communication
25 Digital Multimeter
25 Waveform Generator
2560 Black Stack Thermometer
2560 SPRT Module Digital Thermometer
2566 12 channel Thermocouple Scanner
26 Multimeter, RMS
26 III Multimeter, RMS
2625A Data Acquisition Unit
2635A Data Acquisition Unit
2640A Data Acquisition Unit
2645A Data Acquisition Unit
2686A Data Acquisition System
27 Multimeter
2700G BG2M Pressure Gauge, Digital
271 10 Mhz Function Generator
28 II EX Multimeter
28 III Digital Multimeter
287 Digital Multimeter
289 Digital Multimeter
29 Multimeter
29 II Multimeter
30 Clampmeter, AC Current / Volts
32 Clampmeter, AC Current / Volts
321 Clampmeter
322 Clampmeter
322H Clampmeter
323 Clampmeter TRMS, AC
324 True RMS Clamp Meter
325 TRUE RMS Clampmeter
33 Clampmeter, AC
333 Clampmeter
334 Clampmeter
335 Clampmeter
336 True RMS Clampmeter
337 Clampmeter
345 Clampmeter, Power Analyser
353 Clampmeter
355 Clampmeter
36 Clampmeter, AC/DC Current / Volts / RMS
37 Multimeter
373 Clampmeter
374 True RMS Clamp Meter
375 Clampmeter
376 Clampmeter
381 Clampmeter
39 Power Meter
4 wire PT100
40kV High Voltage Probe
410B Power Supply, Programmable
411D Laser Distance Meter
415B Power Supply, Programmable
416D Laser Distance Meter
4180 Precision Infrared Calibrator
4181 Precision Infrared Calibrator
41B Power & Harmonics Analyser
42 Thermometer
4250A Power Supply, Programmable
43 Power Quality Analyser
434 Three Phase Power Quality Analyser
435 Power Quality Analyser
435 Power Analyser
435 Series II Power Quality Analyser
43B Power Quality Analyser
45 Multimeter
4500A Multimeter
50D Digital Thermometer
50S Digital Thermometer
51 Digital Thermometer
51 Temperature Indicator
51 II Digital Thermometer
51 Type K/J Thermometer
5100 Multifunction Calibrator
5100B Calibrator, Programmable
5101B Multifunction Calibrator
515A DC Calibrator
518 dual well Dry Block Temperature Calibrator
52 Digital Thermometer
52 II Digital Thermometer
5200A Programmable Ac Calibrator
5205A Amplifier, Power
5220A Transconductance Amplifier
53 Digital Thermometer
53 II Digital Thermometer
5320A Electrical Tester
54 Digital Thermometer
54 II Digital Thermometer
54 IIB Digital Thermometer
54200 Video / TV Signal Generator
5500A Multifunction Calibrator
5502E Multifunction Calibrator
5520A Multifunction Calibrator
5606-50-B Temperature Probe (immersion)
5608 Temperature Probe
5608 Platinum Resistance Thermometer, Semi-Std
5609 Temperature Probe
5609-20-S Platinum Resistance Thermometer, Semi-Std
561 Temperature Indicator
561 Infrared Thermometer
5610-6 Temperature Probe
5618B-9 Probe
5622-16 Platinum Resistance Thermometer
5623B Temperature Probe
5624 4 Wire Prt
5628 Platinum Resistance Thermometer, Semi-Std
566 Infra Red Thermometer
568 Infra Red Thermometer
5700 Multifunction Calibrator
5700A Multifunction Calibrator
572 Infra Red Thermometer
5720A Multifunction Calibrator
5725A Amplifier
574 Thermometer Infrared
5790A Measurement Standard, AC
5820A Oscilloscope Calibrator
6011A Signal Generator
6060B RF Generator
6061A Signal Generator
61 Infra Red Thermometer
6102 Temperature Bath
62 Max Infra Red Thermometer
62 MAX+ Infra Red Thermometer
62 Mini Infra Red Thermometer
620 LAN Cable Meter
6200 Portable Appliance Tester
63 Infrared Thermometer
65 Thermometer Infrared
6500 Portable Appliance Tester
66 Infrared Thermometer
675 LAN Meter, Ethernet / Token Ring
68 Infra Red Thermometer
70 Multimeter
70 II Multimeter
70 III Multimeter
7001 Voltage Reference
700G Pressure Gauge, Digital
700G07 Precision Test Gauge
700G31 Pressure Gauge
700GA5 Pressure Gauge Absolute
700HTP Hand Pump, Hydraulic
700P00 Differential Pressure Transducer
700P01 Differential Pressure Transducer
700P02 Pressure Transducer
700P03 Pressure Transducer
700P04 Pressure Transducer
700P05 Pressure Transducer
700P06 Pressure Transducer
700P07 Pressure Transducer
700P08 Pressure Transducer
700P09 Pressure Transducer
700P09EX Pressure Module
700P22 Pressure Transducer
700P23 Pressure Transducer
700P24 Pressure Transducer
700P27 Pressure Transducer
700P27Ex Pressure Module
700P29 Pressure Transducer
700P30 Pressure Transducer
700P31 Pressure Transducer
700PA3 Pressure Transducer, Absolute
700PA4 Pressure Transducer, Absolute
700PA5 Pressure Transducer, Absolute
700PA6 Pressure Transducer, Absolute
700PD2 Pressure Transducer, Vacuum
700PD3 Pressure Transducer, Vacuum
700PD4 Pressure Transducer, Vacuum
700PD5 Pressure Transducer, Vacuum
700PD6 Pressure Transducer, Vacuum
700PD7 Pressure Transducer
700PMP Pressure Pump
700PTP Hand Pump, Air
700PV4 Pressure Transducer, Vacuum
701 Calibrator, Documenting Process
702 Calibrator, Documenting Process
705 Loop Calibrator
705 mA Calibrator
707 Loop Calibrator
707Ex Loop Calibrator
709H Loop Calibrator
7102 Temperature Bath
712 RTD Calibrator
713 Electrical Module
713-100G Pressure Calibrator
713-30G Pressure Calibrator
714 Thermocouple Calibrator
715 Calibrator, Volt / mA
717-100G Electrical Range
717-100G Pressure Calibrator / Indicator
717-30G Pressure Calibrator
717-500G Pressure Calibrator
717-500G Electrical Range
718 Electrical Module
718 1G Pressure Calibrator
718-100G Pressure Calibrator
718-300G Pressure Calibrator
718-30G Pressure Calibrator
718Ex Electrical Module
718Ex 100G Pressure Calibrator
718Ex 300G Pressure Calibrator
718Ex 30G Pressure Calibrator
719 Electrical Module
719 100G Pressure Calibrator
719 30G Pressure Calibrator
719Pro 300G Pressure Calibrator
72 Multimeter
720A Kelvin-Varley Divider
724 Calibrator, Multifunction
725 Calibrator, Multifunction
725EX Process Calibrator
726 Calibrator, Multifunction
73 Multimeter
73 II Multimeter
73 III Multimeter
7-300 Electrical Tester
732B Reference / Transfer Standard
7380 Temperature Bath
741 Calibrator, Documenting Process
741B Calibrator, Documenting Process
742A Resistance Standard
743 Calibrator, Documenting Process
743B Calibrator, Documenting Process
744 Calibrator, Documenting Process / Hart
75 Multimeter
75 II Multimeter
75 III Multimeter
750A Reference Voltage Divider
7526A Process Calibrator
753 Process Calibrator
754 Process Calibrator
76 Multimeter
7-600 Electrical Tester
760A Calibrator
77 Multimeter
77 II Multimeter
77 III Multimeter
77 IV Digital Multimeter
771 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter
772 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter
773 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter
77AN Multimeter
77-V Multimeter
78 Multimeter
787 Multimeter / Loop Calibrator
789 Process Meter
79 Multimeter
79 II Multimeter
79 III Multimeter, RMS
8000A Multimeter
8010A Multimeter
8012A Digital Multimeter
8020A Multimeter
8020B Multimeter
8021B Multimeter
8022A Multimeter
8022B Multimeter
8024B Multimeter
8026B Multimeter, RMS
805 Vibration Meter
8050A Multimeter
8060 Multimeter
8060A Multimeter, RMS
8062A Multimeter, RMS
8086A Digital Multimeter
80AK Thermocouple Adapter
80E High Voltage Divider
80I-1000S Current Probe, AC
80I-110S Current Probe, AC
80I-400 Current Probe, AC
80I-500S Current Probe, AC
80I-600 Current Probe, AC
80K High Voltage Probe
80K-40 High Voltage Probe
80K-6 High Voltage Probe
80PK-1 Temperature Probe
80PK-2 Temperature Probe, Type K
80PK-22 Temperature Probe (immersion)
80PK-24 Temperature Probe - Air
80PK-25 Temperature Probe
80PK-26 Temperature Probe
80PK-27 Temperature Probe
80PK-2A Temperature Probe
80PK-3A Temperature Probe
80PK-4A Temperature Probe
80PK-8 Temperature Probe
80PK-9 Temperature Probe
80T-150 Probe Voltmeter
80T-150U Temperature Probe
80T-IR Temperature Probe, Infrared
80TK Thermocouple Module
81 Waveform Generator
83 Multimeter
83 II Multimeter
83 III Multimeter
8375A Multimeter
83V Digital Multimeter
8400A Multimeter
845AB Impedance Meter
85 Multimeter
85 III Multimeter, RMS
8500A Multimeter
8505A Multimeter
8508A Multimeter
8600A Multimeter
863 Multimeter, Graphical
867B Multimeter, Graphical
87 Multimeter, RMS
87 III Multimeter
87 IV Multimeter, Logging
87E III Multimeter
87V Multimeter
87V Multimeter, True Rms
87V Ex Multimeter
88 Multimeter
8808A Multimeter
8810A Multimeter
883A Differential Volt Meter
8840A Multimeter
8842A Multimeter
8845A Digital Multimeter
8846A Digital Multimeter
88V Digital Multimeter
89 Multimeter
89 IV Multimeter, Logging
8920A Multimeter
893A Voltmeter, Differential
902 Clampmeter, AC/DC Current / Volts / RMS
9040 Phase Rotation Tester
9062 Phase Rotation Meter
90B Scopemeter
91 Scopemeter
9100 Multifunction Calibrator
9100S Dry Block Temperature Calibrator
9101 Thermocouple Reference Unit
9143 Field Metrology Well
9144 Dry Block Temperature Calibrator
9171 Dry Block Temperature Calibrator
9172 Temperature Calibrator
9210-256 Mini TPW maintenance apparatus
922 Micromanometer
922/KIT Air Velocity Meter
9260 Mini Fixed Point Furnace
92B Scopemeter
93 Scopemeter
931AB Voltmeter, Differential
96 Scopemeter
96B Scopemeter
97 Scopemeter
971 Temperature / Humidity Indicator
975 Air Meter
985 Particle Counter
99B Scopemeter
CNX t3000 K Type Wirelesss Temperature Module
DM629037 Oscilloscope
DSP-4000 Cable Analyser
DSP-4000SR Smart Remote
E-DWT Deadweight Tester, Hydraulic
E-DWT (15,000 psi range) Mass Set
EX-DM1000 Multimeter
FL335 Clampmeter
FOODPRO Non Contact Thermometer
Hydra Series II Data Logger
i1000S Current Probe
i1010 Current Clamp
I-1010 Clampmeter, AC
i2000 Flex Clampmeter, AC
i200s Current Clamp
I-200S Clampmeter, AC
i2500 Current Probe
i30 Current Clamp
i3000 Current Clamp
I-3000S Clampmeter, AC
i30s Current Clamp
i400s Current Clamp
i410 Clampmeter, AC/DC
i410 Clampmeter, Adapter
i430FLEX-tf Current Probe
i5S Current Clamp
MFT1710 Multifunction Tester
Molbloc Simulator
Molbloc 1E5-VCR-V-Q 100 SLM N2 Laminar flow Element
Molbloc 3E4-VCR-V-Q 30 SLM N2 Laminar flow Element
Molbloc 5E1-VCR-V-Q 50 SCCM N2 Laminar flow Element
Molbloc 5E2-VCR-V-Q 500 SCCM N2 Laminar flow Element
Molbloc 5E3-VCR-V-Q 5 SLM N2 Laminar flow Element
Molbloc-L Laminar flow Element
Molbox Mass Flow Terminal
MolBox 1+ Flow Indicator
NetDAQ Data Acquisition Unit
Norma 4000 Power Analyser
OneTouch Series II Network Analyser
OneTouch Series II DSP-FTK Fibre Optic Power Meter
P3025-1M Deadweight Tester
P3032-BAR Deadweight Tester, Air
P3032-BAR Mass Set
PGC-10000-AF Pneumatic Pressure Calibrator
pipe clamp probe Temperature Probe, Type K
PM2811 Power Supply, Programmable
PM3050 Oscilloscope, Analogue
PM3065 Oscilloscope, Analogue
PM3082 Oscilloscope, Analogue
PM3084 Oscilloscope, Analogue
PM3092 Oscilloscope, Analogue
PM3094 Oscilloscope, Analogue
PM3331 Oscilloscope
PM3335 Oscilloscope
PM3350A Oscilloscope
PM3370B Oscilloscope
PM3380B Oscilloscope
PM3384B Oscilloscope
PM3384E Oscilloscope, Digital
PM3390A Oscilloscope
PM3390B Oscilloscope
PM3394A Oscilloscope
PM3394B Oscilloscope
PM5136 Synthesized Function Generator
PM5138A Synthesized Function Generator
PM5139 Synthesized Function Generator
PM5193 Synthesized Function Generator
PM6303A RCL Meter
PM6304 RCL Meter
PM6306 RCL Meter
PM6665 Timer Counter
PM6666 Timer Counter
PM6669 Frequency Counter
PM6680B Timer Counter
PM6681 Timer Counter
PM6685 Frequency Counter Universal
PM6685R Frequency Counter Universal
PM97 Scopemeter
PPC4 Pressure Calibrator/Controller
PV350 Pressure Vacuum Module
QA3 Temperature Probe
RPM4-E-DWT Electronic Deadweight Tester
T100 Voltage Tester
T120 Voltage Tester
T140 Voltage Tester
T150 Voltage Tester
T2 Voltage / Continuity Tester
T3 Voltage / Continuity Tester
t3000 FC K Type Wirelesss Temperature Module
T50 Voltage / Continuity Tester
T5-1000 Voltage, Continuity, Current Testers
T5-600 Voltage, Continuity, Current Testers
Ti10 Thermal Imager
Ti100 Thermal Imager
Ti110 Thermal Camera
Ti20 Thermal Imager
Ti25 Thermal Imager
Ti30 Thermal Imager
Ti32 Thermal Imager
Ti45 Thermal Imager
Ti55 Thermal Camera
Ti9 Thermal Imager
TiR105 Thermal Imager
TiR32 Thermal Imager
Type K Thermocouple
Type K Temperature Probe
Type K Velcro Pipe Probe Thermocouple
Unknown Temperature Probe, Type K
Unknown Oil Test Kit
Unknown Digital Multimeter
VR101 Voltage Event Recorder
VR1710 Voltage Quality Recorder, Plug In
VT02 Thermometer Infrared
Y2003 Thermometer
Y8100 Current Probe
Y8101A-AC Current Probe

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