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Furness Controls Calibration

Furness Controls Calibration List

For more information on the Furness Controls instruments we calibrate, please get in touch.

Furness Controls Instruments
Furness Controls Pitot Tube
5333 External Temperature Sensor
FC0352 Differential Pressure Transducer
FCO 732 Flowmeter
FCO10 Pocket Manometer
FCO12 Micromanometer
FCO14 Micromanometer
FCO16 Pressure Indicator
FCO210 Leak Calibrator
FCO283 Leak Detector
FCO290 Leak Detector
FCO332 Micromanometer
FCO352 Differential Pressure Transmitter
FCO44 Differential Pressure Transducer
FCO501 Pressure Supply Unit
FCO510 Micromanometer
FCO520 Micromanometer
FCO521 Pitot Tube
FCO521 Temperature Module
FCO53 Pressure Transmitter
FCO64 Pitot Tube
FCO65 Pitot Tube
FCO730 Leak Detector Gas
FCO750 Leak Detector
FCO83 Leak Detector
FCO93 Laminar flow Element
FCO96 Flowmeter, Air
FCO96-30L Laminar flow Element
FCO96A-20C Laminar flow Element
FCO96B-200C Laminar flow Element
FCO96C-2L Laminar flow Element
FCO96E-20L Laminar flow Element
FCO96G-200L Laminar flow Element
FCO96H-2000L Laminar flow Element
FCO96J-100L Laminar flow Element
FCO99 Calibrated Leak
FRS 4 Primary Calibration Standard
FRS4 Pressure Standard
FRS4 Controller Pressure Controller
FRS4 HR Calibration mass
PPC500 Pressure Calibrator
PPC500 Electrical Module

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