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Gould Calibration

Gould Calibration List

The following is a comprehensive list of the Gould test instruments we are able to calibrate and repair:

Gould Instruments
1420 Oscilloscope
1421 Oscilloscope
1425 Oscilloscope
1602 Oscilloscope
1604 Oscilloscope
2000S Recorder, Electrical
400 Oscilloscope
4030 Oscilloscope
4035 Oscilloscope
4072 Oscilloscope
4074 Oscilloscope
420 Digital Storage Oscilloscope
465 Oscilloscope
500 Oscilloscope
740 Oscilloscope
DMM7 Multimeter
DSO Oscilloscope
ES1000-2 Recorder, Electrical
ES2000 Recorder, Electrical
Gamma Multimeter, RMS
OS1200 Oscilloscope
OS250B Oscilloscope
OS300 Oscilloscope
OS3000A Oscilloscope
OS400 Oscilloscope
OS4020 Digital Storage Oscilloscope
OS4100 Oscilloscope
PB59/60 Differential Probe
RS3600 Recorder, Electrical
TA11 Recorder, Electrical
TA4000 Recorder, Electrical
TC21 Timer Counter
TC320 Timer Counter
TC321 Timer Counter
Waveform Oscilloscope

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