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Honeywell Calibration

Honeywell Calibration List

In addition to a number of other manufactures, our calibration department is able to advise on instruments manufactured by Honeywell. Get in touch for more information.

Honeywell Instruments
Honeywell Humidity / Temperature Probe
Honeywell Pressure Transducer
0-1 bar 6 inch Pressure Gauge
060-1264-04ZG Pressure Transducer
1471 Relief Valve
1858 Visicorder
2020 System Calibrator
31061223-001 Thermo Hygrograph
3872 LISN, Line Impedance Stabilisation Network
415 Pressure Transducer
702H System Calibrator
AIW200GZ4 Pressure Gauge, Digital
DC300K Temperature Controller
DC300K Temperature Controller Fresh Air
DC300K Temperature Controller Heat Up
DC300K Temperature Controller Hold Zone
DR 4200 GP Temperature Chart Recorder
eZtrend QXe Recorder, paperless
G ST3000 Pressure Transmitter
Hermetic UTI2000 Touch Liquid Level Instrument
HP Pressure Transducer
LG1237 Pressure Sensor
M10-120A Oscillograph
Minitrend GR Recorder, paperless
Minitrend QX Recorder
PPA Pressure Transducer, Barometric
PPT Pressure Transducer
RT2108A UV Recorder
SCM3000 Plus Flowmeter (liquid)
Sensotec A-5 Pressure Transducer
Sensym 19C 100P Pressure Transducer
SMV3000 Smart Multivariable Transmitter
ST3000 Pressure Transmitter, Absolute
ST3000 Pressure Transmitter
ST3000 Differential Pressure Transmitter
ST3000S900 Pressure Transmitter
ST800 Pressure Transmitter
STD120 Differential Pressure Transmitter
STF828-M1AS4A-15D-C-AD0-11S-A-00A6-F1-0000 Differential Pressure Transmitter
STG88L Pressure Transmitter
STR82D-21E01B0-AFAA21BJ-D-FHC-12C-B-20A0-F1,FG,FX-0000 Differential Pressure Transmitter
STS100 Communicator
STS102 Communicator
STS102 Communications Analyser
STS103 Communicator
STT820 Temperature Transmitter
TJE Pressure Transducer
Toxipro CO Monitor
Toxipro O2 Gas Detector
Truline DR45AT Chart Recorder
W136 Analogue Meter
XHT97 Temperature / Humidity Indicator

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