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Hydrotechnik Calibration

Hydrotechnik Calibration List

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Hydrotechnik Instruments
Hydrotechnik Flowmeter
0-115 l/m Flowmeter
0-190 l/m Flowmeter
0-600 bar 4 inch Digital Pressure Gauge
0-8 l/m Flowmeter
2040 Multi Handy Pressure Transducer
2040 Multi Handy Pressure Indicator
2103-30-41.00 Pressure Fittings Various
3107-00-09.00 Inductive Pick-up
3107-00-S-09.00 Inductive Pick-up
31V7-71-35.00 Flowmeter
3403-10-S-N4.37 Pressure Transducer
3403-15-A4.37 Pressure Transducer
3403-15-S-E5.33 Pressure Transducer
3403-15-S-N4.37 Pressure Transducer
3403-18-S-N4.37 Pressure Transducer
3403-21-A4.37 Pressure Transducer
3403-21-S-N4.37 Pressure Transducer
3969-04-01.00 Temperature Probe
3973-04-S-01.00 Temperature Sensor
5000 Flowmeter, Air
9801-99-00.60 Pressure Gauge, Digital
DPM-60 Digital Pressure Gauge
DPM-600 Digital Pressure Gauge
DS03 3130-02-01.00 Speed Probe
HT102893 1620 series High Pressure Hose
HySense RS110 Tachometer
Multi Handy 3010 Flowmeter
Multi System 5000 Display / Logger Base Unit
Multihandy 2020 Pressure Indicator
PR109 Pressure Transducer
PR15 Pressure Transducer
RE3-300 Flowmeter, Turbine
RE4-600 Flowmeter, Turbine
RE4-75 Flowmeter, Turbine
RN3/20/5 Flowmeter, Turbine
S110-AL-AC-01.50 Pressure Hose

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