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Iso-Tech Calibration

Iso-Tech Calibration List

Get in touch to discuss the calibration of the below Iso-Tech instruments:

Iso-Tech Instruments
1332A Luxmeter
1334A Light Meter
1337 Light Meter
1337 Digital light meter
1601 Insulation / Continuity Tester
1kW Temperature Bath
2000 Clampmeter, AC/DC
6600 Clampmeter, Power
819 LCR Meter
9023 Capacitance Meter
9053 LCR Meter
CM37 Clampmeter
CT60 Clampmeter
DM9023 Capacitance Meter, Digital
EN61010 Clampmeter
GFG2000 Function Generator
GFG2007 Signal Generator
GFG8210 Frequency Generator / Counter
GFG-8216A Frequency Generator / Counter
GFG8219A Frequency Generator / Counter
GFG-8255A Function Generator
ICA15 Current, Transducer
ICA31 Current, Transducer
ICA32N Clampmeter, Adapter
ICA39T Clampmeter, Adapter
ICM 36R Current Clamp
ICM134 Current Adapter
ICM135R Digital Clamp Meter
ICM136R Clampmeter
ICM139R Clampmeter
ICM20 Clampmeter
ICM30 Clampmeter
ICM3090 Clampmeter
ICM30R Clampmeter
ICM33 Clampmeter
ICM33-II Clampmeter
ICM33R Clampmeter
ICM33R-II Clampmeter
ICM35 Clampmeter
ICM35N Clampmeter
ICM35R Clampmeter
ICM36 Clampmeter
ICM36-II Clampmeter
ICM36N Clampmeter
ICM36R Clampmeter
ICM36R-II Clampmeter
ICM37 Clampmeter
ICM39 Clampmeter
ICM-A6N Digital Clamp Meter
ICM-A7 Clampmeter
ICT76 Component Tester
ID RS057-M Clampmeter
IDM101 Multimeter
IDM103 Multimeter
IDM103N Digital Multimeter
IDM105 Multimeter
IDM105 Multimeter, RMS
IDM105RMS Multimeter
IDM106N Multimeter
IDM17 Multimeter
IDM19 Digital Multimeter
IDM201 Multimeter, RMS
IDM201N Digital Multimeter
IDM203 Multimeter
IDM205 Multimeter, RMS
IDM207 Multimeter
IDM303 Multimeter
IDM305 Multimeter
IDM600 Multimeter
IDM61 Multimeter
IDM610 Digital Multimeter
IDM63 Multimeter
IDM63N Multimeter
IDM65 Multimeter
IDM66 Multimeter
IDM67 Multimeter
IDM68 Multimeter
IDM69 Multimeter
IDM71 Digital Multimeter
IDM72 Digital Multimeter
IDM73 Digital Multimeter
IDM91 Multimeter
IDM91E Multimeter
IDM91E Voltmeter
IDM93 Multimeter
IDM93N Multimeter
IDM96 Digital Multimeter
IDM97 Multimeter, RMS
IDM97-II Multimeter
IDM98 Multimeter
IDM98-II Multimeter
IDM98-III Multimeter
IDM99 II Digital Multimeter
IDS100 Oscilloscope
IDS8102 Oscilloscope, Digital
IEK67 Clampmeter
IET1700 Earth Tester
IFA730 Waveform Generator
IFG100 RC Oscillator
IGC2230 Frequency Generator
IGC2231 Frequency Generator
IIT1500 Insulation Tester
IIT2301 Insulation / Continuity Tester
IIT2302 Insulation Tester
ILC421 Calibrator, Voltage / Current
ILCM03 Clampmeter, Multifunction
ILM-01 Light Meter
ILM1335 Light Meter
ILM350 Light Meter
IPM138 Clampmeter, AC/DC True RMS, Power
IPM2009R Clampmeter, Power
IPM3000 Clampmeter
IPM6200 Clampmeter
IPM6300 Power Quality Analyser
IPS1603D Power supply
IPS181OH Power supply
IPS-1820D Current Source
IPS2010 Power supply
IPS2250 Power supply
IPS2303D Power supply
IPS303D Power supply
IPS3610D Power supply
IPS3630 Power supply
IPS4303 Power supply
IPT1800 Loop / IPSC Tester
IPT2300 PSC-Loop Tester
IPT3200 Combined Installation Tester
IRT1900 RCD Tester
IRT2310 RCD Tester
ISR2102 Oscilloscope
ISR620 Oscilloscope
ISR622 Oscilloscope
ISR640 Oscilloscope
ISR658 Oscilloscope
IVM100 Multimeter
LCR819 LCR Meter
MX51EX Multimeter
NDM-1354 Noise Dosimeter
SK-7620 Clampmeter
SLC-1356 Sound Level Meter, Calibrator
SLM1352A Sound Level Meter
SLM1352N Sound Level Meter
SLM1353 Sound Level Meter
SLM52N Sound Level Meter
TTI-7 Temperature Indicator
Unknown RCD Tester
Venus 150S Dry Block Temperature Calibrator
Venus 2140BPLUS Dry Block Temperature Calibrator
Venus 2150S Dry Block Temperature Calibrator

Call us on 01642 626144 or contact our team if your instrument is not listed.

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