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ITT Barton Calibration

ITT Barton Calibration List

Need to arrange a calibration? Contact us to see which ITT Barton instruments we can calibrate.

ITT Barton Instruments
ITT Barton Flowmeter
ITT Barton Chart Recorder (pressure)
ITT Barton Recorder, Mechanical
ITT Barton Chart Recorder (Temperature)
242 Recorder, Mechanical
242 Temperature Recorder
242 Pressure Recorder
250A Differential Pressure Gauge
614-550-1007 Turbine Flowmeter
614-550-1008 Turbine Flowmeter
7101 Flowmeter, Turbine
7202 Turbine Flowmeter
7225 Flowmeter, Turbine
7282 Flowmeter
7284 Flowmeter
7285 Flowmeter
8003 Flowmeter, Turbine
Dual Pen Chart Recorder
F/2/250 Flowmeter (liquid)
FHCG Differential Pressure Transmitter
FKCW45H4LXCCYAF Differential Pressure Transmitter
FQ111 First Rate Plus Flow Totaliser
R11169 Flowmeter, Turbine
T11341 Flowmeter, Turbine
T11342 Flowmeter, Turbine
T15888 Flowmeter (liquid)
T15888 Flowmeter (liquid)
Unknown Crimp Tool

Call us on 01642 626144 or contact our team if your instrument is not listed.

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