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Kane-May Calibration

Kane-May Calibration List

Instruments manufactured by Kane-May are something we may be able to help with. Contact us to see which instruments we can calibrate.

Kane-May Instruments
Kane-May Hot Wire Anemometer
Kane-May Humidity / Temperature Probe
Kane-May Temperature Probe
Kane-May Thermistor Probe
Kane-May Thermocouple
Kane-May Combustion Analyser Printer
1202 Temperature Indicator, Digital
250 Combustion Analyser
3003 Thermometer
5003is Pressure Meter
A43 Anemometer Sensor
CD100A Combustible Gas Detector
H81 Humidity Probe
K51 Temperature Probe
KM1200 Temperature, Humidity, pH Recorder
KM1202 Temperature Recorder
KM1241 Temperature Recorder
KM1242 Temperature Recorder
KM20 Thermometer, Digital Pt100
KM2002 Digital Thermometer
KM2002 Digital Thermometer
KM2008 Digital Thermometer
KM221 Thermometer, Digital Thermister
KM3000 Digital Thermometer
KM3008 Thermometer
KM330 Digital Thermometer
KM340 Thermometer, Digital Dual Input Type K
KM400 Gas Detector
KM4000 Anemometer
KM4003 Anemometer
KM4007 Anemometer
KM450 Digital Thermometer
KM450 IS Digital Thermometer
KM450 Plus Digital Thermometer
KM450/IS Thermometer, Digital Type K
KM450S Digital Thermometer
KM451 Digital Thermometer
KM5002/IS Pressure Indicator
KM5007/IS Pressure Indicator
KM5012/IS Pressure Indicator
KM5013 Pressure Indicator
KM5013/IS Pressure Indicator
KM5027 Pressure Indicator
KM6001 Tachometer, Digital
KM6002 Tachometer, Digital Non Contact
KM7000 pH / Temperature Indicator
KM7002 pH / Temperature Indicator
KM701 Combustion Performance Analyser
KM800 Combustion Gas Analyser
KM800 plus Combustion Analyser
KM8004 Humidity / Temperature Indicator
KM8006 Humidity / Temperature Indicator
KM823 Thermometer Infrared
KM842 Infrared Thermometer
KM900 Combustion Gas Analyser
KM9003 Combustion Gas Analyser
KM9101 Combustion Gas Analyser
KM9104 Combustion Gas Analyser
KM9104 Remote User Interface
KM9106 Flue Gas Analyser
Leak Seaka LS1 Gas Leak Detector
RD99 Refrigerant Leak Detector
SGA 91A Carbon Monoxide Analyser
Type K Temperature Probe
Unknown Infra Red Thermometer

Call us on 01642 626144 or contact our team if your instrument is not listed.

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