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Keller Calibration

Keller Calibration List

PASS offers a comprehensive calibration service for most brands. Get in touch to see if we can help with your Keller instruments.

Keller Instruments
Keller Digital Pressure Gauge
10LX Pressure Transmitter, Absolute
DPM80/2 Pressure Indicator
ECO1 Digital Pressure Gauge
HP-180139.35-700 Pressure Calibrator
HP-700bar/80139.3 Pressure Calibrator
HP-80139.45-350 Pressure Calibrator
LEO Digital Pressure Gauge
Leo Digital Pressure Gauge
LEO 2 Digital Pressure Gauge
LEO Record Digital Pressure Gauge
LEO1 Pressure Gauge, Digital
LEX 1 Digital Pressure Gauge
Mano 2000 Digital Pressure Gauge
Mano Cali Pressure Gauge, Digital
ManoGauge Pressure Gauge, Digital
PA-21Y Series Pressure Transmitter
PA-23 S Pressure Transmitter
PA-25 S Pressure Transmitter
PA-25 TAB Pressure Transmitter
PA-33X Pressure Transmitter
PAA-23 S Pressure Transmitter
PAA-25 S Pressure Transmitter
PAA-33X/10 bar Pressure Transducer
PAA-35XHT Pressure Transmitter
PAA-41X Pressure Transmitter, Absolute
PAB-23/8556.2-1.1 Pressure Sensor
PD-39SX/80932 Differential Pressure Transmitter
PICCOLO Pressure Gauge, Digital
PR-23 S Pressure Transmitter
PR-25 S Pressure Transmitter
PR-33X/30 bar Pressure Transducer

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