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Kenwood Calibration

Kenwood Calibration List

Please contact us regarding the calibration of the following Kenwood instruments:

Kenwood Instruments
AG-204 Oscillator
CG-931 Pattern Generator
CS-2075 Oscilloscope
CS-4125 Oscilloscope
CS-4135 Oscilloscope
CS-5140 Oscilloscope
CS-6030 Oscilloscope
CS-6040 Oscilloscope
DL-92 Multimeter
FG-273 Function Generator
FGE-1202 Function / Sweep Generator
PD35-10 Power Supply, Analogue
PDS20-18 Power supply
PDS20-36 Power supply
PDS60-12 Power supply
SG-5150 Signal Generator
VA-2230 Oscilloscope
VT-104 Voltmeter AC
VT-171 Ac Voltmeter
VT-181 Voltmeter AC

Call us on 01642 626144 or contact our team if your instrument is not listed.

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