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Kimo Calibration

Kimo Calibration List

Find out if we are able to calibrate your Kimo instruments by contacting us today.

Kimo Instruments
Kimo Anemometer Sensor
Kimo Anemometer Vane Probe
Kimo Anemometer, Thermal
Kimo Pitot Tube
Kimo Temperature Probe
Kimo Temperature Probe - Air
Kimo Temperature & Humidity Probe
Kimo Vane
100mm Vane Sensor
AMI Temperature / Humidity Indicator
AMI 300 PRO Thermocouple Module
AMI 300 PRO Pressure Module
AMI 300 PRO Anemometer Vane Probe
AMI 300 PRO Hot Wire Probe
AMI 300 PRO Humidity / Temperature Probe
AMI 300 PRO Multifunction Calibrator Base Unit
AMI 300 PRO Voltage / Current Module
AMI300 Vane Sensor
AMI300 Multifunction Calibrator Base Unit
AMI301 Micromanometer
AMI301 Anemometer
DBM700 Balometer, Air Volume Flow Meter
DP300 Hygrometer
FC300 Anemometer, Thermal
FCT900 Hot Wire Probe
GPC Manometer, Digital
HD110S Thermo Hygrometer
K120 Air Flow Cone
KS200 Anemometer
KTH300I Humidity / Temperature Logger
KTT300 Temperature Logger
LV107 Vane Anemometer
LV-110 Thermo Anemometer
LX100 Luxmeter
MDP10000 External Pressure Module
MDP500 External Pressure Module
MP110 Manometer
MP112 Manometer, Digital
MP120 Manometer
MP200 Digital Display
MP200 Thermocouple Module
MP200 Pressure Module
MP202 Manometer, Digital
SFAI Type T Surface Probe
SH100SP Vane Sensor
TK100 Digital Thermometer
TM200 Digital Thermometer
Type K Air Probe
VT100 Anemometer, Thermal
VT100s Thermal Anemometer
VT200 Anemometer
VT200 Vane Sensor
VT300 Vane Sensor
VT300 Anemometer, Thermal
VT300 Air Velocity Meter
VTM Anemometer, Thermal

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