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Kobold Calibration

Kobold Calibration List

Our technicians are able to calibrate and repair an extensive array of Kobold instruments

Kobold Instruments
Kobold Digital Pressure Gauge
Kobold Pressure Transducer
Kobold Temperature Probe
21 l/h Variable Area Flowmeter
DOM Flowmeter, Gear
DPM Flow Meter
HND-T Digital Thermometer
HND-T120 Digital Thermometer
KDG 1151RV000 Flowmeter, Variable Area
KDG 1168 Flowmeter, Variable Area
KDG-1232 Flowmeter, Variable Area
KFF 3000 Flow Meter
KSM Flow Meter
MAN-SD1S5 Digital Pressure Gauge
MAS-1010 Flowmeter, Mass
MAS-101000V2A Flowmeter, Mass
MAS-1011 Flowmeter, Mass
MAS-3016 Flowmeter, Mass
MAS3017 Flowmeter, Mass
MAS-3017A Flowmeter, Mass
MAS-3017-V2 Flowmeter, Mass
MIK-C34P Electromagnetic Flowmeter
MOF3 Totalisers
PMG Flowmeter, Electromagnetic
SEN 8701/2 B075 Pressure Transmitter
SEN-8701/2075 Pressure Transmitter
SEN-8701/2B075 Pressure Transmitter
SMV-R Flowmeter
T03 BU Temperature Transmitter
Unknown Flowmeter
VKP-1100R250 Flowmeter
VKP-20 Flowmeter Liquid
VKP-50 Flowmeter
ZDM Flow Meter

Call us on 01642 626144 or contact our team if your instrument is not listed.

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