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Kobold Calibration

Kobold Calibration List

Ensure the accuracy of your Kobold instruments with a calibration. Contact us for more details:

Kobold Instruments
Kobold Digital Pressure Gauge
Kobold Pressure Transducer
Kobold Temperature Probe
21 l/h Variable Area Flowmeter
DOM Flowmeter, Gear
DPM Flow Meter
HND-T Digital Thermometer
HND-T120 Digital Thermometer
KDG 1151RV000 Flowmeter, Variable Area
KDG 1168 Flowmeter, Variable Area
KDG-1232 Flowmeter, Variable Area
KFF 3000 Flow Meter
KSM Flow Meter
MAN-SD1S5 Digital Pressure Gauge
MAS-1010 Flowmeter, Mass
MAS-101000V2A Flowmeter, Mass
MAS-1011 Flowmeter, Mass
MAS-3016 Flowmeter, Mass
MAS3017 Flowmeter, Mass
MAS-3017A Flowmeter, Mass
MAS-3017-V2 Flowmeter, Mass
MIK-C34P Electromagnetic Flowmeter
MOF3 Totalisers
PMG Flowmeter, Electromagnetic
SEN 8701/2 B075 Pressure Transmitter
SEN-8701/2075 Pressure Transmitter
SEN-8701/2B075 Pressure Transmitter
SMV-R Flowmeter
T03 BU Temperature Transmitter
Unknown Flowmeter
VKP-1100R250 Flowmeter
VKP-20 Flowmeter Liquid
VKP-50 Flowmeter
ZDM Flow Meter

Call us on 01642 626144 or contact our team if your instrument is not listed.

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