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Labfacility Calibration

Labfacility Calibration List

Can we help with the calibration of your Labfacility instruments? Contact us to find out more.

Labfacility Instruments
Labfacility Temperature Probe, Pt100
Labfacility Temperature Transmitter
Labfacility Temperature Indicator
Labfacility PRT Simulator
-100 to 500 Resistance Thermometer Simulator
CAL-LAB PRECISION Temperature Indicator
D0213 Temperature Probe, Pt100
Labcal Thermometer
Labcal High Precision Temperature Indicator
Labcal Plus Digital Temperature Reference
LTC330 Temperature Calibrator / Precision Thermometer
LTC550 Temperature Calibrator / Precision Thermometer
Tempmaster 100 Temperature Indicator, High Accuracy
Type K Thermocouple
Type N Thermocouple
Zeref High Accuracy Ice Point System

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