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Leybold Calibration

Leybold Calibration List

Contact our team to discuss your Leybold instrument calibration needs.

Leybold Instruments
0-100 mbar Vacuum Gauge
16063 Vacuum Gauge (capsule)
16202B3 Pirani Gauge
230024 Vacuum Gauge, Digital
230035 Vacuum Head
Bourdonvac A Vacuum Gauge
Center One Digital Vacuum Indicator
Center Two Indicator, Digital
CM31 Vacuum Indicator
CTR 100 Vacuum Transmitter
CTR101 230320 Vacuum Transmitter
CTR101 230324 Vacuum Transmitter
CTR90 Vacuum Head
DI2000 Pressure Sensor
DM11 Vacuum Gauge Controller
DV1000 Vacuum Gauge
Ionivac ITR90 Vacuum Transmitter
IP44 Pirani Gauge
IT23 Control Unit
ITR090 Vacuum Interface Unit
ITR90 (I) Vacuum Sensor
PR26 Penning Gauge
RUVAC WAU251 Vacuum Pump
THERMOVAC TM20 Vacuum Indicator
Thermovac TM200 Analogue Vacuum Indicator
TM101 Pirani Gauge
TM20 Vacuum Indicator
TM21 Vacuum Gauge Controller
TR 201 Pirani Vacuum Gauge Head
TR211 Vacuum Sensor
TR216 Vacuum Sensor
TTR90 Vacuum Transmitter
TTR91 Vacuum Transmitter
VAROVAC S100F Vacuum Pump
VM212 Spinning Rotor Vacuum Gauge

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