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LTH Calibration

LTH Calibration List

Instruments manufactured by LTH are something we may be able to help with. Contact us to see which instruments we can calibrate.

LTH Instruments
LTH Conductivity Probe
AquaCal 2000 Conductivity Meter
BPS1 pH Simulator
CMC 26 Conductivity Cell Water Conductivity Cell
CMC25/001/PT43 Conductivity Cell
CMC26001PT43 Conductivity Probe
CMC5/10/TIK Conductivity Sensor
CS/1 Conductivity Simulator
DPC2 Conductivity Indicator
DPC7 Conductivity Indicator
DPC7 Dissolved Solids Meter
HD2306.0 Conductivity Meter
HD8706 Conductivity Meter
HD8706p Conductivity Probe
HD8706-R2 Conductivity Meter
HP1/TC1K Conductivity Probe
PB5 Conductivity Indicator
SP06T Conductivity Cell

Call us on 01642 626144 or contact our team if your instrument is not listed.

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