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Lutron Calibration

Lutron Calibration List

Ensure the accuracy of your Lutron instruments with calibration and repair services from PASS, see below to see if your instrument qualifies:

Lutron Instruments
Lutron Moisture Probe
Lutron Vane
AM4201 Anemometer
AM-4203 Anemometer
AM4204 Anemometer, Thermal
CC-422 Current Calibrator
DM-6046 Clampmeter, AC/DC
DT-1236L Tachometer
DT-2234B Tachometer, Digital
DT-2235 Tachometer
DT-2235B Tachometer
DT-2236 Tachometer
DT-2239 Stroboscope
DT-2244 Tachometer
DT-2249 Stroboscope
FG-5000 Force Gauge
FG-5000A Force Gauge
HT-3001C Temperature / Humidity Indicator
LM-8010 Anemometer / Temperature Indicator, Thermal
LM-81AM Anemometer
LX-101 Light Meter
LX102 Light Meter
LX107 Light Meter
LX1108 Light Meter
MS-7000 Moisture Meter
MS7002 Moisture Meter
RT-608 Phase Rotation Tester
SC-942 Sound Level Calibrator
SL-4001 Sound Level Meter
SL-4010 Sound Level Meter
TM-914C Thermometer
TM-914C Digital Thermometer
TM-919 Infra Red Thermometer
TM-919A Infrared Thermometer
YK-80AM Anemometer
YK-80AP Anemometer, Vane, Digital
YK80AS Anemometer, Vane, Digital

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