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Marconi Calibration

Marconi Calibration List

Get in touch to discuss the calibration of the below Marconi instruments:

Marconi Instruments
2000 Series Flowmeter, Variable Area
2018 Signal Generator
2019A Signal Generator
2022 Signal Generator
2022D Signal Generator
2023 Signal Generator
2030 Signal Generator
2031 Signal Generator
2050 Signal Generator
2305 Modulation Meter
2430A Frequency Meter
2432A Frequency Meter
2435 Frequency Meter
2437 Universal Counter Timer
2438 Counter
2841 Digital Communications Analyzer
2945 Radio Communication Test Set
2955 Radio Communication Test Set
2955B Radio Communication Test Set
2955R Communications Test Set
2960 Radio Communication Test Set
2960B Radio Communication Test Set
6533/1 Co-axial Termination
6533/2 Co-axial Termination
6534/1 3db Attenuator
6534/2 6db Attenuator
6534/3 10db Attenuator
6910 RF Power Sensor
6912 RF Power Sensor
6913 Power Sensor
6960 RF Power Meter
6960B RF Power Meter
893B AF Power Meter
9650 RF Power Meter
ATC600A Transponder Dme Test Set
BG10 Force Gauge
M9/0625/8 Flowmeter Liquid
TF1060 Signal Generator
TF1064B Signal Generator
TF1101 RC Oscillator
TF1247 Signal Generator
TF1313A Universal Bridge
TF2008 Signal Generator
TF2015 Signal Generator
TF2100 Oscillator, AF
TF2154 Power supply
TF2331A Distortion Analyser
TF2507 RF Power Meter
TF2655 Multimeter
TF2700 Universal Bridge
TF2808 Pattern Generator
TF2905 Pattern Generator
TM9692 Video Sweep Unit

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