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Metrix Calibration

Metrix Calibration List

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Metrix Instruments
5484C Vibration Transmitter
5485C Vibration Sensor
AX323 Power supply
AX502 Power Supply, DC
CX2000 Sensor Interface
CX6521B Temperature Calibrator
CXH100 Humidity Sensor
CXL100 Light Sensor
CXM100 Air Speed Sensor
CXT100 Temperature Sensor
GX240 Frequency Generator
GX245 Frequency Generator
MTX3250 Multimeter
MTX3281 Multimeter
MX0406B Megohmmeter
MX1 Multimeter
MX112 Multimeter
MX1140 Multimeter / Clampmeter
MX120 Clampmeter
MX1200S Multimeter / Clampmeter
MX20 Multimeter
MX200 Multimeter / Clampmeter
MX202B Multimeter
MX22 Multimeter
MX23 Multimeter
MX240 Clampmeter, Power Analyser
MX350 Multimeter / Clampmeter
MX406B Megohmeter
MX44 Multimeter
MX51 Multimeter
MX51EX Multimeter
MX51EXIS Multimeter
MX52 Multimeter
MX52EX Multimeter
MX53 Multimeter, RMS
MX53C Multimeter
MX54 Multimeter, RMS
MX545 Multimeter
MX54C Multimeter
MX55 Multimeter
MX553 Digital Multimeter
MX556 Multimeter
MX55C Multimeter
MX56 Multimeter
MX56C Multimeter
MX57CX IS Digital Multimeter
MX57EX Multimeter
MX9003 Oscilloscope Probe
OX5100 Oscilloscope
ox7102c Oscilloscope
OX7520 Oscilloscope
OX800 Oscilloscope
OX803 Oscilloscope
OX860 Oscilloscope
OX8620 Oscilloscope
ST5484E-121-032-00 Accelerometer
ST5484E-123-021-00 Vibration Transducer
Type K Temperature Probe

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