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Mitutoyo Calibration

Mitutoyo Calibration List

Can we help you with the calibration of your Mitutoyo instruments? Please reach out to us for more information.

Mitutoyo Instruments
Mitutoyo Combination Set
Mitutoyo Bore Gauge (set)
Mitutoyo Caliper
Mitutoyo Dial Test Indicator
Mitutoyo Digital Caliper
Mitutoyo Durometer Test Set
Mitutoyo Electronic Level
Mitutoyo Micrometer, Internal
Mitutoyo Micrometer, Depth
Mitutoyo Micrometer, External
Mitutoyo Metric Slip Gauge Set
Mitutoyo Internal Micrometer
Mitutoyo Height Gauge
Mitutoyo Surface Finish Reference Specimen
Mitutoyo Thickness Gauge, Digital
Mitutoyo Set Square
Mitutoyo Setting Rod
Mitutoyo Roller Gauge
Mitutoyo Protractor Head
Mitutoyo Oscillator
Mitutoyo Torque Gauge
Mitutoyo Electronic Dial Gauge
Mitutoyo Depth Vernier
Mitutoyo 25mm Dial Indicator
Mitutoyo 50mm Dial Indicator
Mitutoyo Flat Bar Straight Edge
Mitutoyo Bore Gauge
Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper
0 - 150mm Vernier Caliper digital
0 - 150mm Digital Depth Micrometer
0 - 200mm Digital Vernier Caliper
0 - 25 mm Digital Crimp Micrometer
0 - 25 mm Digital Caliper
0 - 400 mm Vernier Caliper
0 to 1" Micrometer, Groove
0 to 300mm Depth Vernier
0 to 6" / 0 to 150mm Micrometer, Adjustable
0 to 8" Caliper
0.0001 Dial Test Indicator
0.0001 inch Dial Test Indicator
0.0005" Digital Depth Micrometer
0.001 Depth Gauge
0.001 inch Dial Test Indicator
0.002-0.5mm Dial Test Indicator
0.005mm Dial Thickness Gauge
0.010mm Dial Test Indicator
0.01mm Depth Micrometer
0.05 inch Gauge Block
0.100-4" Slip Gauge
0.130" Slip Gauge
0.200 inch Slip Gauge
0.275 - 0.350 in Bore Micrometer
0.300 inch Slip Gauge
0.34990 inch Setting Ring
0.350 - 0.425 in Bore Micrometer
0.425 - 0.500 in Bore Micrometer
0.49990 inch Setting Ring
0.500 - 0.650 in Bore Micrometer
0.5-2" Internal Micrometer
0.5mm Gauge Block
0.65 inch Micrometer Thimble
0.650 - 0.800 in Bore Micrometer
0.6500 inch Setting Ring
0.800 - 1.000 in Bore Micrometer
0.99970 inch Setting Ring
0-0.0030" Dial Indicator
0-0.5" Micrometer, External
0-1 inch Depth Micrometer
0-1 inch Depth Gauge
0-1" Digital Micrometer
0-1" External Micrometer
0-1" Crimp Micrometer
0-1" Micrometer, External
0-1" Micrometer
0-1000mm Vernier Caliper
0-12 Depth Gauge
0-12" Dial Caliper
0-12" Micrometer, Depth
0-12" Vernier Caliper
0-150 mm Depth Micrometer
0-150mm Dial Caliper
0-150mm Digital Caliper
0-150mm External Micrometer
0-150mm Digital Vernier Calliper
0-150mm Vernier Caliper
0-20" Vernier Caliper
0-200 mm Caliper
0-2000mm Vernier Caliper
0-200mm Digital Caliper
0-200mm Dial Caliper
0-24" Vernier Caliper
0-25 mm External Micrometer
0-250 mm Caliper
0-25mm Depth Micrometer
0-25mm Digital Micrometer
0-25mm Micrometer Head
0-25mm Micrometer
0-25mm Setting Gauge
0-3 inch Depth Micrometer
0-300MM Dial Caliper
0-300mm Digital Caliper
0-300mm Vernier Caliper
0-30mm Quickmike digital Micrometer
0-350mm Height Gauge
0-4" External Micrometer
0-450mm Vernier Caliper
0-500mm Vernier Caliper
0-50mm Setting Gauge
0-6" External Micrometer
0-6" Digital Vernier Caliper
0-6" Depth Micrometer
0-6" Depth Gauge
0-6" Depth Micrometer Set
0-6" Micrometer, External
0-6" Vernier Caliper
0-600 mm Vernier Caliper
0-600mm Height Gauge
0-8" Vernier Caliper
0-800mm Vernier Caliper
0-80mm Depth Micrometer
1 inch Extension Rod
1 mm Gauge Blocks
1" Slip Gauge
1" Setting Rod
1" sq Vee Blocks
1.000 - 1.200 in Bore Micrometer
1.15 mm Gauge Blocks
1.2 mm Gauge Blocks
1.200 - 1.600 in Bore Micrometer
1.35 mm Gauge Blocks
1.4 mm Gauge Blocks
1.5 mm Gauge Blocks
1.600 - 2.000 in Bore Micrometer
1.8" Optical Flats
10 piece Slip Gauge Set
10" Setting Rod
100 piece Slip Gauge Set
1000mm Steel Ruler
100-125 mm External Micrometer
100-1300mm Micrometer
100-200mm Micrometer
100mm Gauge Block
100mm Setting Rod
10-11" External Micrometer
103-177 Micrometer
10-35mm Internal Dial Caliper
1040F Dial Indicator
104-135 0-150mm External Micrometer Set, Adjustable Anvil
104-136 Digital Caliper
104-136 Digital Caliper
104-149 External Micrometer Set, Adjustable Anvil
1044 Dial Indicator
1044F Dial Indicator
1044S Dial Test Indicator
10mm Gauge Block
10mm Slip Gauge
10mm GRADE 1 Gauge Block
11" Setting Rod
1-1/2 inch Bore Micrometer
11-Dec External Micrometer
1-2 inch External Micrometer
1-2 inch Digital Caliper
1-2 inch Bore Micrometer
1-2 inch Internal Micrometer
12" Depth Gauge
12" Setting Rod
1-2" Digital Micrometer
1-2" External Micrometer
12.7-19mm Bore Gauge (set)
12-20mm Bore Micrometer
124.996 mm Setting Ring
125-150 mm External Micrometer
125mm Setting Rod
128-106 Depth Micrometer
13 piece Slip Gauge Set
13" Setting Rod
14" Setting Rod
141-108 2" to 8" Internal Micrometer
146-132 Groove Micrometer
15" Setting Rod
150-300mm External Micrometer Set, Adjustable Anvil
1507S Dial Test Indicator
150mm Depth Gauge
150mm Setting Rod
150mm Ruler
155-903 Telescopic Gauge Set
16 inch Extension Rod
16" Setting Rod
16-17" External Micrometer
16-20mm Bore Micrometer
164-136 Profile Projector
164-164 Digimatic Head
167-101 (25mm) Setting Rod
167-102 (50mm) Setting Rod
167-103 (75mm) Setting Rod
167-104 (100mm) Setting Rod
167-105 (125mm) Setting Rod
167-106 Micrometer Standard
167-142 Micrometer Standard
167-143 Micrometer Standard
167-144 Micrometer Standard
167-145 Micrometer Standard
167-147 Micrometer Standard
167-149 Micrometer Standard
167-151 Micrometer Standard
167-152 Setting Rod
167-158 Setting Rod
167-164 Setting Rod
172-162 Glass Rule
174 . 994 Setting Ring
175mm Setting Rod
177-126 10mm Setting Ring
178-602 Precision Roughness specimen
178-951E Surface Roughness Indicator
184-304S Feeler Gauge Set
187-907 Bevel Protractor
187-908 Bevel Protractor
192-609 Height Gauge
19-32mm Bore Gauge (set)
1mm Gauge Block
2 inch Setting Rod
2 inch Extension Rod
2" Setting Rod
2" Depth Gauge
2.00 - 2.50 in Bore Micrometer
2.001-100mm Slip Gauge
2.49990 inch Setting Ring
2.50 - 3.00 in Bore Micrometer
2.5-8 inch Bore Micrometer
2.5mm Gauge Block
200-1000mm Internal Micrometer
200-300mm External Micrometer
200mm Setting Rod
20-25 mm Bore Micrometer
2044S Dial Indicator
2045F Dial Test Indicator
2045S Dial Test Indicator
2046F Dial Test Indicator
2046F-10 Dial Test Indicator
2046S Dial Indicator
2046S-15 Dial Test Indicator
2047F Dial Test Indicator
2047S Dial Test Indicator
2050-08 Dial Indicator
2050F Dial Indicator
20-50mm Bore Micrometer
2050S Dial Test Indicator
2052S Dial Test Indicator
209-101 Dial Gauge
209-111 Dial Gauge
209-113 Dial Gauge
20mm Gauge Block
2109-11 Dial Indicator
2109F-11 Dial Test Indicator
2113S-10 Dial Test Indicator
2-12" Internal Micrometer
225mm Setting Rod
2-3 in External Micrometer
2-3" Digital Micrometer
24 inch Ruler
24.993mm Setting Ring
2414F Dial Test Indicator
2414S Dial Test Indicator
2415-08 Dial Test Indicator
2416 Dial Test Indicator
2416S Dial Indicator
2417-F Dial Indicator
2424-10 Dial Indicator
2451F Dial Indicator
247-217 Dial Test Indicator
250mm Setting Rod
25-30mm Bore Micrometer
25-50 mm External Micrometer
25-50mm Micrometer
25mm Gauge Block
25mm Setting Rod
2-6 inch Comparator
2-6" External Micrometer
275-300mm 3pt Bore Micrometer
275mm Setting Rod
2-8" Internal Micrometer
293-344 External Micrometer
293-370 Micrometer
293-676 Digital Caliper
293-766-30 Micrometer, External
2mm Gauge Block
3" Setting Rod
3.00 - 3.50 in Bore Micrometer
3.50 - 4.00 in Bore Micrometer
3.50025 inch Setting Ring
30" Extension Rod
300-400mm External Micrometer
300mm Depth Gauge
300mm Height Gauge
300mm Set Square
300mm Setting Rod
300mm Ruler
302-916CE-1E Profile Projector
3052F Dial Test Indicator
3058F Dial Indicator
30mm Dial Indicator
32 peice Slip Gauge Set
323-711-30 Digital Disc Micrometer
32-54mm Bore Gauge (set)
325mm Setting Rod
3-4" Setting Rod
3-4" External Micrometer
3424-10 Dial Test Indicator
350mm Setting Rod
360 degree Profile Projector Overlay
374-109 Absolute Digital Caliper
375mm Setting Rod
389-711-30 Digital Caliper
3mm Gauge Block
4 inch Extension Rod
4" Setting Rod
4.5mm Gauge Block
400-500mm External Micrometer
400mm Setting Rod
40inch Height Gauge
425mm Setting Rod
432-025 Digital Caliper
4-5 inch External Micrometer
4-5" Setting Rod
450mm Setting Rod
475mm Setting Rod
4-8 inch External Micrometer
4mm Gauge Block
5" Setting Rod
500-115 Caliper
500-171U/CD-6" Digital Vernier
500-172U Digamitic Caliper
500-173 Digital Caliper
500-191-20 Digital Caliper
500-191U Digital Caliper
500-506-10 Caliper
500-600mm External Micrometer
500mm Setting Rod
50-1000mm Internal Micrometer
50-100mm Bore Micrometer
50-150mm Bore Micrometer
50-300mm Internal Micrometer
505-626-50 150mm Dial Caliper
505-689 6" Dial Caliper
50-600mm Internal Micrometer
50-75 mm External Micrometer
50-75mm Micrometer
50mm Gauge Block
50mm Setting Rod
511-183 10 to 16" Dial Bore Gauge
511-308 10-16 inch Bore Gauge (set)
513-118 Dial Test Indicator
513-403 Dial Gauge
513-404 Dial Gauge
513-405 Dial Test Indicator
513-406 Dial Test Indicator
513-453T Dial Test Indicator
513-454T Dial Gauge
515-556 Caliper Checker
515-575 Depth Micrometer Set
516-334 Gauge Block Set - Ceramic + Optical Parallel
516-903 Gauge Blocks
516-912-11 E49 Gauge Block Set - Steel
516-942-11 2 M103 Gauge Block Set
516-963 M47 Gauge Blocks
516-971-11 Gauge Block Set - Steel
519-042 Digital Comparator
525mm Setting Rod
528-105 Knife Edge Straight Edge
528-106 Straight Edge
528-107 Straight Edge
530-118 Vernier Caliper
5-30mm External Micrometer
543-101 FB5 Dial Indicator
543-272B Dial Test Indicator
543-390B Dial Test Indicator
543-402BD Depth Gauge
545 series Bore Gauge (set)
547-217S Digital Depth Gauge
547-401 Thickness Indicator
54-90mm Bore Gauge (set)
550-223-50 Digital Caliper
550mm Setting Rod
5-6" Setting Rod
5-6" External Micrometer
570-302 (0 - 300mm) Digital Height Gauge
575-123 Dial Indicator
575mm Setting Rod
580 Precision Angle Plate
5mm Slip Gauge
5mm Gauge Block
6" Setting Rod
60" Vernier Caliper
600mm Setting Rod
600mm Steel Ruler
600mm Height Gauge
600mm/24in Depth Vernier
611615-02 Gauge Block
611671-02 Gauge Block
611671-131 10mm Gauge Block
6-12" External Micrometer
6-12mm Bore Micrometer
6-7" External Micrometer
6-7" Setting Rod
6mm Gauge Block
7" Setting Rod
75-100 mm External Micrometer
75-100mm Micrometer
75-100mm Screw Thread Micrometer
75-300mm Internal Micrometer
75mm Setting Rod
75mm bevel square Engineers Square
7-8 inch External Micrometer
7-8" Setting Rod
7Pc Setting Rod
8 Caliper
8 inch Extension Rod
8 Piece Slip Gauge Set
8" Setting Rod
8" Depth Gauge
800mm Setting Rod
8-12.7mm Bore Gauge (set)
8-150mm Variable Width Bar Set
8-20" Internal Micrometer
8-40" Internal Micrometer
88 piece Slip Gauge Set
8-Sep External Micrometer
8-Sep External Micrometer
8-9 inch External Micrometer
9" Setting Rod
90-150mm Bore Gauge (set)
9-10" External Micrometer
940-234E Force Gauge
Analogue Thickness Gauge Check
BE1-81-1B/D Gauge Block Set - Steel
BM1-103-1B/PD Gauge Block Set
BM1-47D-1B/PD Slip Gauge Set
BM1-88-0B M88 Gauge Block Set
BM1-B33/2-0 Gauge Block Set
CD-12" Digital Caliper
CD-12"C Digital Caliper
CD-12"PS Digital Caliper
CD-12"PSX Digital Caliper
CD-15CP Digital Caliper
CD-18 Digital Caliper
CD-20DC Digital Caliper
CD-20DCX Digital Caliper
CD-24"C Digital Caliper
CD-6" Digital Caliper
CD-6" CPX Digital Caliper
CD-6"B Digital Caliper
CD-6"C Digital Caliper
CD-6"CP Digital Caliper
CD-6"CS Digital Micrometer
CD-6"CSX Digital Caliper
CD-6"CX Digital Caliper
CD-6"GS Digital Caliper
CD-6"PMX Digital Caliper
CD-6"PS Digital Caliper
CD-6"PSX Digital Caliper
CD67-6PS Digital Caliper
CD-8" Digital Caliper
CD-8"CX Digital Caliper
CD-8"PS Digital Caliper
CDC-18" Digital Caliper
CDC-18"C Digital Caliper
CDC-24"C Digital Caliper
CDC-P12"C Digital Caliper
CD-S6"C Digital Caliper
DIGAMATIC 293-832 Digimatic Micrometer
DIGIMATIC Digital Caliper
DIGIMATIC Depth Micrometer
Digimatic 0-1 Digital Caliper
Gd B Gauge Blocks
HDS-24 inch Digital Height Gauge
HT-125R Bore Micrometer
HT-150R Bore Micrometer
HT-175R Bore Micrometer
HT-200R Bore Micrometer
IDC-1012EB Digital Depth Gauge
ID-C1012EBS Digital Test Indicator
ID-C1012EBS Thickness Gauge, Digital
ID-C1012MB Dial Indicator
ID-C1012MXB Dial Test Indicator
IDC-112B-5 Dial Test Indicator
ID-C112EBS Thickness Gauge, Digital
ID-C112MB Digital Dial Test Indicator
ID-C125MB Dial Test Indicator
IDF-1050E Dial Indicator
ID-F125E Dial Test Indicator
IDS-1012-5 Dial Test Indicator
ID-S1012EB Dial Test Indicator
ID-S1012M Dial Test Indicator
ID-U1025E Dial Indicator
IDU25E Digital Indicator
ID-V1025E Dial Indicator
IMS-300R Micrometer Set
IMS-40" Digital Caliper
IMS-50 Micrometer Head
IP65 Digimatic Micrometer
IP67 Digital Caliper
Lever Dial Indicator
M33 Gauge Block Set
M47 Gauge Blocks
M47 Ceramic Gauge Block Set
M88 Slip Gauge Set
NTD10-6"CX Digital Micrometer
NTD10-6"PMX Digital Caliper
OMC-12" MJB Micrometer, External
PH-100A Tachometer, Digital
P-Hexanon Optical Lens
PJ300 Profile Projector
PJ-3000 Profile Projector
PRO360 Protractor
PRO3600 Protractor
SD-18"-A Digital Caliper
Series 139 Internal Micrometer
Series 170 Imperial Calibration Tester
Set of 4 Optical Parallels
SG3-13ST Hole Gauge Set
SJ.201 Surface Roughness Indicator
SJ.400 Surface Roughness Indicator
SJ-201P Surface Roughness Indicator
SJ-210 Surface Finish Reference Specimen
Surftest - 211 Dimensional
Universal Bevel Protractor
Unknown Digital Clock Gauge
Unknown Gauge Blocks
VDS-12"DC Digital Micrometer
VDS-24"DC Digital Caliper
VDS-8 Digital Depth Gauge
VDS-8"DC Depth Micrometer
VDS-8"DCX Digital Depth Gauge

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