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Moore & Wright Calibration

Moore & Wright Calibration List

Can PASS arrange your Moore & Wright instrument calibration? Contact us for more information.

Moore & Wright Instruments
Moore & Wright Combination Set
Moore & Wright Bevel Protractor
Moore & Wright Digital Caliper
Moore & Wright Micrometer, External
Moore & Wright Micrometer, Internal
Moore & Wright Protractor
Moore & Wright Steel Ruler
Moore & Wright Vernier Protractor With 6 12 Inch Blades
0 - 300mm Vernier Caliper
0.0001" Dial Indicator
0.0020"-0.0250" Feeler Gauge Set
0.01 - 10 mm Dial Indicator
0-0.75" Micrometer
0-1" Micrometer, External
0-1" Depth Micrometer
0-1" External Micrometer
0-100mm External Micrometer
0-12" Depth Micrometer
0-150mm Depth Micrometer
0-150mm Digital Caliper
0-150mm Digital Micrometer
0-150mm External Micrometer
0-150mm Digital Vernier Caliper
0-150mm Vernier Caliper
0-150mm Depth Vernier
0-2" External Micrometer
0-200mm Digital Caliper
0-20mm Micrometer
0-225mm External Micrometer
0-24" Height Gauge
0-25mm Micrometer, External
0-25mm External Micrometer
0-3" Depth Micrometer
0-300mm Digital Caliper
0-4" External Micrometer
0-4" Micrometer, Adjustable
0-500mm Digital Vernier Caliper
0-50mm External Micrometer
0-6" External Micrometer
0-6" Depth Micrometer
0-600mm Height Gauge
0-600mm Vernier Caliper
0-75mm Depth Micrometer
1" Setting Ring
1-Feb Bore Micrometer
10 inch Setting Rod
10" Setting Rod
100-125mm External Micrometer
100-200mm External Micrometer
100mm Setting Rod
10-11" External Micrometer
11 inch Setting Rod
11" Setting Rod
110-20DBL Digital Caliper
110-30DBL Digital Caliper
12 inch Setting Rod
1-2 inch Micrometer, Internal
12" Internal Micrometer
1-2" External Micrometer
1-2" External Micrometer
125-150mm External Micrometer
125mm Setting Rod
14 Set Square
150-300mm Micrometer, Adjustable
150mm Setting Rod
150mm Steel Ruler
150mm, 6" Steel Ruler
170-30DB Depth Micrometer
175-200mm External Micrometer
175mm Setting Rod
18" Set Square
1966b External Micrometer
2 inch to 12 Internal Micrometer
2" Setting Rod
2" Setting Rod
2.5-3.5" External Micrometer
200-850mm Internal Micrometer
200mm Setting Rod
2-Dec Depth Gauge
2-12 inch Internal Micrometer
225-800 mm Internal Micrometer
225mm Setting Rod
2-3" External Micrometer
24 inch Vernier Caliper
24" Straight Edge
250mm Setting Rod
25-50mm Micrometer, External
25-50mm Micrometer
25mm Setting Rod
25mm Setting Ring
2-6" External Micrometer
275mm Setting Rod
2-8" Internal Micrometer
3 inch Setting Rod
3" Setting Rod
3" Setting Rod
300mm Engineers Level
310B Straight Edge
3-12" Internal Micrometer
3-4" External Micrometer
3-4" Setting Rod
36" Straight Edge
387M Feeler Gauge Set
390M Feeler Gauge Set
393M Feeler Gauge Set
4 inch Setting Rod
4" Setting Rod
4-5" Setting Rod
4-5" External Micrometer
465 mm Engineers Square
4-8" External Micrometer
5 inch Setting Rod
5" Setting Rod
5/16" Setting Ring
50-150mm External Micrometer
50-200mm Internal Micrometer
50-210mm Internal Micrometer
50-300 mm Internal Micrometer
50-310mm Internal Micrometer
50-75mm Micrometer, External
50mm Setting Rod
5-6" Setting Rod
5-6" External Micrometer
6" Setting Rod
603-621 Protractor
6-12" External Micrometer
6-7" External Micrometer
7 inch Setting Rod
7" Setting Rod
75-100mm External Micrometer
75mm Setting Rod
7-8" Setting Rod
7-8" External Micrometer
8 inch Setting Rod
8" Setting Rod
80-465-101 Straight Edge
80-465-102 Straight Edge
80-465-103 Straight Edge
8-9" External Micrometer
890M Depth Micrometer
891M150 Depth Micrometer
891M300 Depth Gauge
9 inch Setting Gauge
9" Setting Rod
902M Internal Micrometer
90833 8"-33" Internal Micrometer
95-230mm Depth Micrometer Set
961M Micrometer
ELS 165MM Engineers Level
EME6-12 Micrometer
IME2-12 Micrometer, Internal
S 235 Digital Caliper
S225 Digital Caliper
Unknown Feeler Gauge Set
unknown Spirit Level

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