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Omega Calibration

Omega Calibration List

Are you looking to calibrate a Omega instrument? We might be able to help, contact us for more details.

Omega Instruments
Omega Air Sampler
Omega Flow Meter
Omega PT100
Omega Thermocouple, Type N
Omega Temperature & Humidity Probe
25mm Vane Sensor
450 Digital Thermometer
70 mm Vane Sensor
88108K Surface Probe
CDH420 Conductivity Meter
CFM Master II Anemometer
CFM Master II Anemometer, Vane, Digital
CL122-2 Dry Block Temperature Calibrator
CL23A Thermometer, Calibrator
CL23EC Calibrator/thermometer
CL24 Calibrator/thermometer
CL3001 Multifunction Calibrator
CL3512A Temperature Calibrator / Precision Thermometer
CL3515R Thermometer, Multifunction
CL900 Dry Block Temperature Calibrator
CT485-AL Recorder
CT485B Thermo Hygrograph
CT87LF Temperature Recorder
CTH200F Temperature / Humidity Recorder
CTH89 Temperature / Humidity Recorder
CTXL-TRH-W Temperature / Humidity Recorder
Daqpro Data Logger
DaqPRO 5300 Data Logger
DFG51-50 Force Gauge
DFG55-100 Force Gauge
DFG55-50 Force Gauge
DP63000B-RTD Temperature Indicator
DP63000B-V Digital Display
DP95-A-RS-41-X-X-X Digital Thermometer
DP97 Temperature Probe, Pt100
DP97 Thermometer, Digital Pt100
DPG8000 Digital Pressure Gauge
DPG8000-400 Digital Pressure Gauge
DPGM 8000-60 Pressure Gauge
DPGM8000-400 Pressure Gauge
DPGM8001 Digital Pressure Gauge
DPI603 Electrical Range
DPI603 Pressure Calibrator
EWS-BP-A Barometric Pressure Transmitter
F2020-100-1/3B PT100
FDT-21 Ultrasonic Flowmeter
FL-2010 Flowmeter
FLR 1011 Flowmeter
FMA-1606A-HACAL Flowmeter
FMA-1607A Flowmeter
FMA1802 Flowmeter, Mass
FMA1810 Flowmeter
FMA18118 Flowmeter
FMA1812 Flowmeter
FMA1814 Flowmeter, Mass
FMA1818 Mass Flow Sensor
FMA1842 Flowmeter
FMA-2312 Flowmeter
FMA-5607 Flowmeter
FMA900A Air Velocity Transmitter
FMA-901A Air Velocity Transducer
FPD3004 Flowmeter (liquid)
FPD3005 Flowmeter (liquid)
FTB-1413 Flowmeter, Turbine
FTB-1440 Flowmeter, Turbine
FTB312D Flowmeter, Paddle Wheel
FTB316D Flowmeter, Paddle Wheel
FTB-904 Flowmeter
GS4200 Pressure Transducer
HCTB-3000 Temperature Bath, Controller
HH147U Temperature data logger
HH2002AL Digital Thermometer
HH306A Data Logger
HH311 RH Meter
HH378 Data Logger
HH506RA Thermometer, Digital Dual Input
HH801A Temperature Indicator
HH82 Thermometer, Digital Dual Input
HHF-1001A Hot Wire Anemometer
HHF11A Anemometer
HHF141 Anemometer
HHF144 Anemometer
HHF2005 Anemometer, Vane & Temperature Logger
HHF5000 Anemometer Digital Indicator
HHF752 Anemometer / Temperature Indicator, Thermal
HHF91 Anemometer
HHM26 Digital Multimeter
HHM290 Multimeter
HHP 103 Manometer, Digital
HHP-2022 Manometer
HHP241-100G Pressure Indicator, Digital
HHP701 Pressure Indicator
HHP886U Manometer
HX94V Humidity / Temperature Transmitter
IBTX-SD Barometer / Temperature Indicator
iTHX-W Temperature / Humidity Indicator
KMQSS-IM050G-300 Temperature Probe
KMQXL-IM150U-1050 Temperature Probe, Type K
KMQXL-IM150U-600 Temperature Probe, Type K
MCS2110 Controller
OM43 Temperature / Humidity Logger
OM-CP-PRHTemp110 Temperature Module
OM-CP-PRHTemp110 Pressure Module
OM-CP-PRHTemp110 Data Logger
OM-CP-PRHTemp110 Humidity Module
OM-CP-PRHTemp2000 Humidity Module
OM-CP-PRHTemp2000 Data Logger
OM-CP-PRHTemp2000 Pressure Module
OM-CP-PRHTemp2000 Temperature Module
OM-CP-RHTEMP101A Temperature / Humidity Logger
OM-CP-RTDTemp101A Temperature Logger
Omegascope OS530L Infrared Thermometer
OM-EL-USB-2-LCD-PLUS Temperature / Humidity Logger
OM-SQ2010 Data Logger
OM-SQ-2040 Data Logger
OS202C Infra Red Thermometer
OS423-LS Infra Red Thermometer
OS425HT-LS Infrared Thermometer
OS425-LS Infra Red Thermometer
OS51 Non Contact Thermometer
OS643E-LS Infra Red Thermometer
OSXL450 Infra Red Thermometer
PCL41 Pressure Standard
PCL422 Loop Calibrator
PMA1/4240T3 Temperature Probe, Pt100
P-M-A-1/4-24-0-T-3 Temperature Probe, Pt100
PMA6500S3IP68 Temperature Probe, Pt100
P-M-A-6-50-0-S-3-IP68 Temperature Probe, Pt100
PR-11-2-M30-150 Temperature Probe
PR-11-2-M30-150 PRT 3 Wire
PRMAG-2-100-A-P-5M Magnet Mount PT100 Sensor
PRMAG-2-100-A-P-5M Magnetic mount PT100
PRTFCU-10-3-100-3/16-3-E-80" 4 Wire Prt
PT-11-2-M30-150 Digital Thermometer
PX181B-001G5V Pressure Transducer
PX2760 Pressure Sensor
PX419-100A5V Pressure Transducer, Absolute
PX4200 Pressure Transducer
PX653-02D5V Pressure Transducer
PX831-100GI Pressure Transmitter
PX91P0-120KSV High Pressure Transducer
PXM4200 Pressure Transducer
RH318 Hygro Thermometer Datalogger
RH411 Thermo Hygrometer
RH-71 Humidity / Temperature Meter
RHC-1RH Humidity Generator
SA2CRTD3100A2M Temperature Probe - Surface
SCASS-020U-6 Thermocouple Type K
SC-GG-K-30-36-PP Thermocouple, Type K
SC-TT-K-30-36-PP Thermocouple, Type K
SPHT-K-12-IEC Temperature Probe
SPHT-KI-300 Temperature Probe
TJ1-CAXL-IM45G-600 Thermocouple, Type K
TRCIII Thermocouple Reference Unit
TRCIII-A Thermocouple Reference Unit
TRCIII-A Dry Block Temperature Calibrator
TX-92-2 Temperature Transmitter
Type B Temperature Probe
Type C Temperature Probe
Type K Temperature Probe
Type K Surface Probe
Type K Thermocouple
Type R Temperature Probe
XCIB-K-4-5-10 Thermocouple

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