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Oregon Scientific Calibration

Oregon Scientific Calibration List

Check the list of Oregon Scientific instruments below and contact us to see if we can arrange a calibration for you:

Oregon Scientific Instruments
Oregon Scientific Temperature Module
Oregon Scientific Stopwatch
Oregon Scientific Temperature / Humidity Indicator
Oregon Scientific Remote Temperature Sensor
Oregon Scientific Humidity Module
Oregon Scientific Barometric Module
Oregon Scientific Anemometer Module
BA-116 Barometer / Temperature Indicator
BA212 Temperature Indicator
BA888 Temperature Function
BA888 Barometer / Temperature Indicator
BA898HG Environmental Meter
BAA938HG Temperature / Humidity Indicator
BAR629HGU Weather System Pro
BAR688HG Weather Station
BAR916HG Weather Station
EB312E Handheld Barometer
EM 899 Digital Thermometer
EM-913R Temperature / Humidity Indicator
EMR899U Digital Thermometer
RAR621 Digital Thermometer
Stopwatch Digital Stopwatch
THG312 Thermometer, Digital C/w Probe
THGN122N Thermo Hygro Sensor
THGR122NX Thermo Hygro Sensor
WM918 Weather Station
WMR100NA Weather Station

Call us on 01642 626144 or contact our team if your instrument is not listed.

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